Allvndr Undo

I always find the
most creative ways
to destroy myself.

Yeah, I can tear
me down better
than anybody else.

I don't need your help.
I don't need your help.

The sun sweltered & the wind seared, as close as Hjanne could figure it, making her way up the mountainside. It was a rare time, one of those sweltering summers where the sun's eye never closed & even the sleepy gaze of the moon felt warm to the skin.

Granted, up here where they dwelt - far from their family group & somewhat isolated in the thinning foliage of altitude - the sun shone brightest always, undulled by cloud or foliage. As much as that though dulled her frustration with the heat, it still reminded her of something she'd rather forget & Hjanne frowned slightly.

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