Hey, and thanks ahead of timing for checking out my post!

My screen name is NikolaiStalingrad, and I've been following the production of CoE for about three years. However, this is my first post on the forums! (Crazy, right?)

Just recently I've bought the pledge pack of settler. I'm so excited of the progress the game has been making, and want to drop question.

Were one wanting to open a tavern and run it inside of a town/castle would this be possible? How would someone go about doing this? Should they join a guild dedicated to making/running taverns? If they were to do this with more players, how many should they gain? How does one manage to secure a spot inside of a decent sized town and get traffic?

Once again thanks for looking at this post, I'll be sure to keep making more!

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Welcome to The community,grays on your package and Welcome to Luna ^.^

You can run a tavern wherever you want however you want. All you need to do is inherit or create/build a tavern, get a steady supply for it and go for it! You could potentially even hire people to run it with you. ^.^

However your heart desires!

I’m really interested in the tavern/cafe thing too! I plan to have somewhere a Soulmate Café. But gotta look for people to help with it

I don’t really see people doing to much with guilds in that aspect because I don’t think they would help much in all honesty.

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I would encourage you to check out the discords of different kingdoms and announce your interest there. I'd be glad to have you in my town! Every town needs a tavern but until we choose our locations I won't know how big and if it will be what you're looking for. Still, come meet the community on discord: removed
I hope I'm not violating any forum rules by posting this here but I do think it's a great way to see if it's a fit. ~Best

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As part of character creation, you would most likely look for a character in a family which owned a tavern within one of the towns in the area that you are interested in living. As most places have a tavern, I am sure that there will be plenty of people who would be very interested in having you join their community. So I would recommend getting to know some people on the forums and in discord, so that you can eventually select a good location start in and a set of people that you would enjoy interacting with.

Welcome to the forums and we all look forward to meeting you in the meta-game and someday in the actual game.

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