Selecting a sever

I need to select Server, but do not show the option to do so on my account management page. I do not see a server selected either. Please help as need to get this sorted ahead of the April, 22nd deadline.

4/14/2019 2:15:33 PM #1

The step by step for selecting a server is in this post

If you follow those instructions it should work out :D

4/14/2019 4:03:55 PM #2

Thanks.. Gave that a try, but under Total Influence there is no blue box, nor in its place the line that says what server I have selected. So still stuck. But, thanks for the help so far!!!

4/14/2019 4:13:30 PM #3

Have you tried hitting ctrl + shift + r on the page to force it to refresh while ignoring cached content on your computer?

If that doesn't work I'm all out of suggestions and I'm sure Serp will swing by before the 22nd at the very least :P

4/14/2019 5:59:15 PM #4

Is there a process for putting in a support ticket?

4/14/2019 8:13:44 PM #5

Posted By ZombieDust at 12:59 PM - Sun Apr 14 2019

Is there a process for putting in a support ticket?

You can email to [email protected] to put in a ticket. :)

4/24/2019 11:41:25 PM #6

This is resolved. Thanks.

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