What a generous gift Markof!!

Hello everyone!

Today we received a very generous box of gifts all the way from France, from our esteemed Ambassador and Count of Markovia, Markof.

Sweet of you to send this wonderful array of niceties from your country!

Sadly, as often happens with glass bottles full of liquid and long trips overseas, not all of it made it. Regardless, the majority of the package was intact and here are some pics to go along with the wonderful and thoughtful items it contained!

(My apologies for the rotation issues with some of the images, I hope they are still worthwhile)

This split of Givre Cidre De Glace survived the trip, as did this Erable Spirit Drink, thank goodness.

Sadly this incredible Quarts de Chaume grand Cru's contents didn't survive, but it is with us in spirit! :P

Also inside this rather large box was 2 packages of hand-made goodness, roughly translated from French it says "Candy of the Palace". I am excited to try this one!

Next we have a favorite of the office:

Herbal teas that smell amazing! I think Vye said one of them had a dandelion in it?

Last, but certainly not least, was this assortment of beeswax paper for packaging some foods, and this intricately hand-notebook of hand pressed paper of all types from Tibet. Such a treasure, look for it on the next livestream!

We love all of these gifts, and so once more we say Thank you to Markof!

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4/17/2019 2:45:44 AM #1

Merci pour les cadeaux. Nous les aimons beaucoup. Je vais les manger avant que Serp ne vienne.

  • thanks google* Thank you for the gifts. We love them very much. I'm going to eat them before Serp comes.

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4/17/2019 4:06:53 AM #2

I didn't know Markof was so... classy! Very fancy and thoughtful. Good on ya mate

4/17/2019 7:21:37 AM #3

We Hrothi have some "savoir vivre" Sagan,

The County of Markovia banded together, each guild and town sending examples of their craftsmanship to be bundled and sent to you in order to thank and support you.

As fate had it, our cutter, the Vaillant, that was in charge of shipping the packages to you was attacked by To'resk pirates. The captain decided to escape them by venturing into dangerous coastal waters when a mean storm stroke them. Some menn and cargo were washed away but survived. One of them carried on the mission and brought you what survived the ordeal while the others came back to us to tell us the news.

As of today we have not heard of our boat, but she's sturdy, her crew is courageous and her captain experienced, if she managed to survive the storm and escape the pirates she should arrive to your shore today or tomorrow with the rest of the cargo.

In the meantime, we are delighted that you like what found its way to you. lady Ermengarde of Purvin and the people of her town are mortified about the loss and they cry for vengeance. I have been told they started to gather funds to build a few boats in order to hunt down those pirates and clean what they consider a blow to their honor as brewers. Once the waters are safe again we'd try an other shipment but we'd also want to take advantage of the situation to remind you that all the people of our side of the sea would be honored to welcome you should you decide to visit the grand summer fair in the future, maybe next year ?

Again a great thank you for your work , dedication and self investment.

Count Markof of Markovia

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