Discord for NA-W/Angelica?

Hello, all, I just saw the “unofficial” CoE EU Discord channel and thought that would be a great idea for our server, especially as D&SS ramps up.

Do we already have an Discord like that? Or is anyone else interested in going in and making one? (FWIW, I'm a programmer IRL, but I'm not an expert with Discord or the etiquette of being a good moderator)

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4/17/2019 6:10:46 PM #1

Yes, that discord already exists. Reposted for convenience below.

NA-W Discord

4/17/2019 6:12:53 PM #2

I can not say, that I am a person who could help or moderate. If there happened to be a Discord server for NA-W and I was invited, I would hang out and chat when I had time. It might let me determine where I want to be from or cause trouble.

4/18/2019 1:39:56 AM #3

I guess you are not there last time, when NA-W got a channel together to discuss map voting.

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5/19/2019 7:32:09 AM #4

lmao that was good laugh, always good to experience some umbrella ban funsies.

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