Looking for someone to share Tale of two hamlets

I'm going to buy the Tale of two hamlets package and I will claim one Mayor title for myself and am looking for someone partner with and give the other to to. Must already be Bloodline+ to receive it.

4/17/2019 5:02:09 PM #1

Rather kind of you.

You may wish to include what server (Luna?) and where you intend to put your half of the package... I don't think the 500 m of road stretches across the map. ;)

Good luck to you.

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4/17/2019 5:29:43 PM #2

I'm on the Luna server but not sure yet where I will place mine since selection isn't for 4-5 weeks.

4/17/2019 5:46:31 PM #3

I'm game haha

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4/17/2019 6:00:31 PM #4

Oh Endeavor I PM'd you earlier.

4/17/2019 6:07:40 PM #5

I'm on NA E Luna in the Kingdom of Bordweall, Duchy of Tenebrae. I work and serve the Duke here and have the Bloodline package. I would definitely be interested in discussing this with you. Discord ID is Azrialis#5434 definitely add me, thanks!

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4/25/2019 2:36:00 AM #6

man that's really cool of you dude.

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