Markof, you are so generous!! (Part 2)

As if the wonderful gifts that arrived yesterday from France weren't enough, a 2nd box of goodies arrived today!!

Markof, you really went above and beyond buddy, thank you!!

Inside this larger box, were several letters, including this one that explains the thought behind the items inside:

Dear SbS,

Markof Count of Markovia

Dear SbS, the idea of this thank you pack was born at the end of last year. We, the little Markovian community, had in mind to try and kill two birds with one stone, say thank you for your hard work and send prototypes of what we were aiming for our DE, a wine and a food thing, not yet decided between a cheese and a dry sausage. The thing on the cake would be to time it with the release of DSS.

As things go always according to the plan, dates changed and new info was released. We were no more sure to be able to produce the things we were expecting because our probable position is going to be a coastal county on the east coast of K2 in Selene, the Hrothi Mountain Steppe. We decided to delay the package until DSS, to be sure of what we'd be able to do.

Time passed and we witnessed how hard you work, how deep you all self invested yourself in the development of the game and how hard the community could be at times. So, we decided to not wait anymore and to send a support package and thank you gift. We checked the dates and Easter was approaching around the corner, so I asked during past 10K Q&A if it was better to send chocolate or our original planned stuff, and Vye told me thank you already have a lot of talented chocolate smelters in your area. To stick to the Easter theme we decided to include sweets with the sausages and cheese.

At that point we were nearly ready to ship but some of us were unhappy with the fact that we had past the RP and DE related aspect of the package. We all agreed with them but were not facing a problem. The pack was using lots of sugar and to our knowledge sugar was produced from sugarcane. Sure there is honey, but that does not do the trick for the kind of sweets we packed. We researched and found the Maple Sugar, sugar made from the sirup of maple (or birch) itself made from the tree sap. Even if we end up without maple in our county there should be plenty close enough to trade. Back on our feet we finally had a RP theme again. It is included in the scroll.

The goodies that came inside were plentiful, take a look!

The first item was this gorgeous bound and lockable ornate notebook: One of the letters:
Next we see candied fruits and peppers!: And crystallized sugar sticks for the herbal tea we got in the 1st box: Some delicious dried fruits: Amazing 36-month aged Beaufort cheese, and 2 Comte' pieces, a 30 month and an 18 month (lovingly wrapped in beeswax paper): More wonderful letters: An alchemists dream box of vials filled with tasty hard candy: Here is the spread of the studio kitchen after all was set up for the team to consume:

Truly beyond generous Markof, from the bottom of our bellies, we thank ye!!

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4/18/2019 10:06:03 PM #1

Delicious, thanks yet again! You almost created a battle royale in the office kitchen this morning.

The voice of Orlando's FrontEnd

4/18/2019 10:07:09 PM #2

It was definitely a fun morning, that's for sure. Many many thanks, dear Markof. I love trying out new things and I got to do that a lot today.


4/18/2019 10:07:32 PM #3

The box with the jars is awesome. Great presentation! Thank you so much!

4/18/2019 10:07:57 PM #4

Good God. Can I trade my launch party invite for a lunch party invite?? That looks amazing.

4/18/2019 10:11:57 PM #5

I love seeing the generosity and thankfulness of the community being shared with the developers. Wonderful gift, Markof!

4/18/2019 11:05:12 PM #6

So much yummy! So much esoterica! Thank you and your domain, Markof! It really was a fun morning! :)

  • Snipehunter
4/19/2019 8:55:42 AM #7

First of all i want to once again say thank you to all the studio for CoE, their hard work and deep investment for it to happen. All the markovians are really happy you liked our packages and it was really fun for us to prepare them. We also want to apology for what happened with US customs and we will pay a lot more attention to regulations when time will come, one day, for an other gift.

It was really fun to prepare the packages, we tested and tasted things to make sure they were good and in spirit. We had several design meetings, a few improvisations and of-course some errors and problems. We tried to keep in mind as much as possible what would be consistent for mountain steppe Hrothi, what you would like, based on reactions to previous gifts from the community and tidbits from discord, and what was original enough to warrant to be a gift. We learned lots of things while working on the project, tried a few things that did not made it into the package, had to change our design on a significant level twice.... it was an adventure, and you being happy with it is the best possible conclusion to it.

Thank you SBS.


The Vaillant has returned with stories of adventure, danger and completed mission. We also learned that some of the cargo was seized by your king's custom officers and that you've been scolded for our mistake. Rest assured our objective was not contraband. Those events opened our eyes on several facts and we decided to take actions.

Our Office of maps, will, now, also open a law, custom and usage department and will hire a few traveling scribe to record the law and usage of our neighbors and partners. We will also start working on the protection of our long distance trade expeditions, we are not yet decided on which path to take, guild guards, hired mercenaries, trade post or office in foreign land.....

Should our goods lure you into visiting our part of the world, it will be an honor and a pleasure to welcome you.

Once more, thank you for all you do for us.

4/23/2019 8:34:09 PM #8

Dear Lord Markof,

After having several days to sample the fine goods that were sent, I must express my deep appreciation for the thought and care that went into this care package.

Not only are the goods of exceptional quality (I love the herbal teas from the first package and the comté beyond words), but I love that they represent the role Markovia hopes to play in game. Therefore, it is as though we received a care package from Elyria! Talk about breaking the fourth wall!

Please accept my gratitude for the gifts, and my admiration for the dedication to your vision. You're truly already having those actual and fantasy adventures I've pledged myself to delivering. ^_^

Wishing you and your county fine days ahead, Vye

5/6/2019 10:16:22 PM #9

OMG, the sugar-coated flower candy was hidden until today. I just tried one.........HEAVEN

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