Vikings Will there be any

im looking to start a viking tribe and grow it , who would be interested in actually joining me in this endeavor i want to grow it into raiding and truly becoming vikings and all that comes with it

4/22/2019 4:02:16 AM #1

I saw a couple of groups that were going for a viking theme, normally people going Brudvir. Would be coming to see a clans at war story unfold within CoE.

4/22/2019 4:05:20 AM #2

Thats Good to Here ive been looking For A game in which i could live out my life as a viking an explore that culture and i do enjoy a good clan war

5/6/2019 4:23:54 PM #3

Come north, be viking. Lots of trees need axin

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5/6/2019 5:38:07 PM #4

Yeah I think you would be looking north around brudvir lands

I don't know anymore.

5/6/2019 8:04:26 PM #5

If vikings are like pirates, I know for sure there are groups of people thinking about going this route. It could be so much fun.

ayy lmao

5/6/2019 11:00:41 PM #6

The north would be perfect for a viking-esque group. I really hope that the name "viking" isn't used though and people can come up with a unique name for what they are.

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