Hello everyone! I exist beginning now!

I've been following this game for a pretty long time, but I've never posted here on the forums before. THAT CHANGES NOW! I shall become an active member of the community rather than just lurking! Well that's the plan anyways. In any case, I love this game, and I love lore and quibbling with people about things that don't exist in real life. I've also been told that I act at least a decade younger than my age, but that must be a good thing right?

I'm happy to actually join this community instead of just quietly reading the updates in my email inbox, and I hope to meet some new people.

Also shoutout to Xeyska who bought me an Elyrian package, you're a very generous and kind person! <3

4/24/2019 3:53:10 PM #1

Hello and welcome to CoE!

Now that you're out of the shadows, what do you plan to do in Elyria?

4/24/2019 5:11:10 PM #2

Kind of reminded me of this song. xD

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Lionel Richie - Hello

All jokes aside, welcome! Interesting times ahead, so grab some popcorn, kick back and enjoy the show to come!

4/24/2019 5:17:16 PM #3

@Hieronymus Well, once the game is out I plan to live traveling from town to town, doing whatever odd jobs people need, be that regulating local carnivore populations, briniging criminals to justice, or merely chopping wood. Once work starts coming slower, I’ve earned the ire of someone influential there, or I merely feel the need to move on, I hit the road for the next town. I want to earn just enough money to keep going but focus on accumulating reputation and experience rather than wealth.

Until then, I plan to bounce my ideas and opinions around on the forums and hopefully provoke some thought, and possibly make some connections around the community that I might meet in game one day. I love lore, and plan to stir up some inter-tribal interactions, be they friendly or hostile. As of yet I don’t know whether I’ll spend more time talking about game mechanics or about community interactions and such, but I plan to be talking.

Judging by your quick response and number of posts, I imagine you play an important role in the community, so I’ll ask a similar question: Who are you?


4/24/2019 6:50:37 PM #4

Don't forget to click on your name in the upper right, click on Inventory, click on the Elyrian package that was sent to you, and click on Claim.

4/24/2019 7:28:09 PM #5

@Serelinor It sounds like you have a lot of adventuring in your future, which of course should be great fun. Where do you imagine starting things off? Having been a member since 2015, I'm guessing you have some preferences relating to the various tribes and biomes that will be in the game.

One thing I've learned from being in this community though is that the longer you are here, the more your plans change and the more money you tend to spend. Hopefully, you'll enjoy that process as much as I have, and I suspect you will given your appetite for lore building!

Judging by your quick response and number of posts, I imagine you play an important role in the community, so I’ll ask a similar question: Who are you?

Well I like to participate constructively in the forums, and so I suppose that might be construed as playing an important role. :)

But with respect to the game, I am a duke on the Angelica server (NA-W) of a duchy we call The Dominion of Thorne and so yes, I do play an important role in that sense; From choosing and eventually governing one of the 72 available duchies in the upcoming Domain & Settlement Selection (D&SS), to building the setting for our future gameplay in Exposition, to making decisions in and out of game as a member of the nobility that could have far reaching consequences. But whatever and however the game unfolds, I hope I enjoy the ups and the downs and can ultimately wind up with a good tale to tell when it's all said and done.

In any case, welcome again to the community!

4/24/2019 7:50:44 PM #6

Hello and welcome aboard the community, Serelinor. I hope you enjoy your time here. ;)

4/25/2019 1:19:53 PM #7

@Protey Thanks for the tip, I've already done so!

@Hieronymus I think I'm going to start off up north, most likely in Brudvir lands. Although it sounds strange, I plan on playing a Dras up there, although that most likely means I'll be a ward of the state. The choice of biome was not too hard because of my personal preferences, but choosing a tribe to play as was one of the most time consuming decisions I've ever made. It still impresses me how well balanced each tribe is, in that no single one is really more desirable than any other. I'll be on the Luna server, so I won't be seeing you in game unless I make an Angelica character at some point, but I'm sure we'll interact on the forums! I wish you and your duchy the best, and trust that you'll be a fair but effective ruler.

@Xeyska I'm glad to be here, and I'm already enjoying it!

4/25/2019 1:34:27 PM #8

I came out of forum lurking quite recently too! It does seem to be the time, now when settlement selection is close and the game world takes more stable shape in terms of kingdoms and cities. Hope you visit my town someday! Good luck in your adventures.


5/4/2019 6:04:43 PM #9

Howdy lurker.

The biggest question for you is what server you want to play on .then what kingdom you will join. and what role you would like to fill.

5/6/2019 4:19:48 PM #10

Welcome! Im very happy to see people hanging out on the sidelines coming forward. Thats the majority of my group actually. Hoping they also start to dig in.

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