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Builder's Association

Where on Elyria are we located?

The Builder's Association is located within the County of Thárrósh within the Duchy of Zylphania, located in the Free Kingdom of Alesia. We shall be settled in the capital of Thárrósh.

What is the Builder's Association?

We are a group of like minded players who plan to pursue that arts of architecture, and those who make that art possible. Builders of any kind: be it masons, carpenters, glass-blowers, or smiths working in metallurgy are welcome. Architects of any kind, civil or military focus are welcome.

How do I join the Builder's Association?

Contact Nikolai, or send any Builder's Association recruiter a message asking for assistance. You can also reply to the recruitment channel and type @Builders Association.

Are there perks to joining the Builder's Association?

Of course! There are plenty of perks. For starters, there is a place for you to chat about ideas with like minded individuals. It serves as a place to hone your skills, and an easy way once the game drops to actually start building your character. Supplies would come at a discount as relationships with suppliers will make projects much less costly, and some even free.

Well shoot, why am I not signed up already?

Good question. Go ahead and sign up today!

Contact links

(County of Thárrósh discord)

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7/5/2019 9:53:14 PM #2

Hello, I would Like to join the Builder's Association. I will be getting the game in a few days. Hope to hear from you soon.

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7/9/2019 2:47:16 AM #3

I too am interested in joining the Builder's Association. Have a pledge pack and am willing to do what helps the greater good!

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