Is there a list to find all towns and stuff?

Is there a list for every town and kingdom? I wanna check them all out, but I'm not sure where to find them. Also, when the game starts, how are you supposed to go to the town/kingdom you've joined? Do you just spawn there, sorry if this is a dumb question, i'm just still kinda confused about the game.

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Hi, ForeHeadHaru. A good place to start would be browsing through here

Join the kingdom discords, hang out, chat, get to know the communities and ask about towns.

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The sticky is a great place as well

join the discords and read about each Duchy and Kingdom. I've been on most of the discord channels for each one and all have been friendly and responsive with questions and information about each place.

The Map can give you more information about the areas as well

as for towns and other grand information wait till after DSS which starts next week. People will start providing TONS of information after they figure out where everyone will be placed! Have a little more patience and read up on what is available currently because an explosion of information is coming within the next month.

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Finding a place for a new character to spawn (spark) is supposed to be part of the character creation process. You might want to check out the DJs and videos that talk about that. I don't recall that the video explicitly shows choosing a birthplace, but it may talk about it in terms of the restrictions a new character has.

In general, your new character will not just spawn in the middle of a town like in most games. IIRC, you will start in either a family home, if you selected a standard new character, or in an orphanage, if you chose to be a Ward of the State. Starting in a family allows you to learn some starting skills according to the family's professions.

After Domain and Settlement Selection (DS&S) completes, we are supposed to be able to see detailed maps of each of the starting continents which will have the settlements named. At this point we have a general idea of what these maps will look like and the information they will contain. We highly anticipate being able to see the real things at the start of DS&S, but not necessarily with all the information we should see later.

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