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Good day everyone, I am planning on pledging enough to get a surname and was wondering since I have no desire to rule land but much rather conquer and fight for gold who would have me as a mid to high tier guard/general if anyone? I plan on playing the Brudvir. I also would like if anyone would be willing to found a family or something with me explain how that is possible someone that may be interested in ruling while I gallivant around the realm in search of gold and a good scrap!

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Well I'm definitely not Brudvir ,but I am Waerd ,and if your looking to fight come help the good fight in Fortuna.

Give me a pm! We can share discords ,and talk! Were Always looking for fellow hard-core PvPers.


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As a To’resk I will always need hired swords. But I may be a little bit south for you if you’ll be playing brudvir.

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First off, let me say welcome to the forums, we're happy to have you as a member of this awesome community!

If you're looking for a place to hang your hat, so to speak, I would recommend looking in the recruitment forum, DSS starts tomorrow, so, if you're ready to find your place within a kingdom you should find where you'd like to be (at least within a kingdom based on which tribe you'd like to start) tomorrow.

I'm also planning on being To'resk, but if you have a change of heart on which race you'll be playing my town is always looking for adventurers/fighters!

I wish you the best of luck in finding the place that feels right for you, and again, welcome to the forums!

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Hello and welcome to the community, glad to see you're hooked like the rest of us ;)

If you're aiming for Brudvir, The Anemoi would be a great Duchy (in the Kingdom of Vornair) to start. We're in the Northern region and mostly Brudvir and Hrothi.

If you want to check us out and pick a county from there, feel free!

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