Xeilias Engineering Academy

our Chronicles of Elyria journey starts now! We are excited for you to join our team of the best and brightest of the industry. Together, we will push the bar higher, delivering results and making game-changing breakthroughs. We are focusing on spearheading military and civil advancement throughout Elyria. Our Academy has a strong tradition of integrity and passion for excellence in our work, and for our communities all around Elyria. When people with the right values work towards the right purpose, the horizons are absolutely unlimited. We hope you will find the same success and satisfaction in your work as our member. Welcome to our team!

he Xeilias Engineering Academy is a school built on innovation, integrity, and excellence in everything that we do. There is a simple reason why: our community depends on us. Our dedication is universal among our members and is the foundation of maintaining higher standards of ethical conduct, including providing conscientious global philanthropic support for proactive efforts to protect the environment. We’re proud to provide our members with a rich experience in Chronicles of Elyria with rewards for dedicated members.


Our military research branch will continue to be state of the art, constantly pushing the cusp of advancement further then anyone else. Our main focus in military technology will be to provide the Alesian military with game changing siege engines and weaponry for the protection of our community. We provide efficient means of breaking through the defenses of offending armies.


Civil research will be focused on the quality of life for everyone by improving technology, such as for roads, ramparts and crafting tools. With these innovations, we can help create a more prosperous land and contribute to the flourishing Kingdom of Alesia and all of Elyria.

Learn more about the impressive projects here at the Xeilias Engineering Academy of military and civil research!

4/27/2019 7:39:15 AM #1

Ooh, Shiny. Can't wait to see what you all invent

4/28/2019 6:34:58 PM #2

Thanks, Aurelian, We've got a pretty decent group so far. hoping to become one of the top academies in the game!

4/28/2019 9:06:10 PM #3

Come Check out Kaer Nef'hen if you like what you see here!

8/2/2019 3:31:00 AM #4

Shiny! Looking forward to seeing it evolve :)

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