Haganar the bastard son of Viking King Ragnar Lothbrok has arrived with the free peoples of the North We will not purchase land we will take it ans kill all who live there u have been warned. Have a nice day.](

4/27/2019 9:20:10 PM #1

Very nice as 1st post , congratulation , Now you have to join Trygrr in Eu Selene . The are the Vikings in the desert Kingdom.

4/28/2019 3:26:20 AM #2

Elyria isn't Earth, there is no Ragnar Lothbrok in Elyria, and vikings aren't scary because they don't exist in Elyria. There's a lot of room to create your own history and lore. :)

There's also a lot of information on the plans for finding land, taking land, and settling in the development journals.

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