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Hello all, I just recently pledged to the game (and will most likely upgrade). The scale of this game and the player base is exactly what I want in a game. I am planning to play a Neran. I want to be a adventurer,but I want to be able to be established and build to something bigger than what I can do as a sole adventurer.

I would love to be able to find somewhere I can be welcome, and find a great player base to spend time with. Thank you so much!

4/28/2019 5:49:55 PM #1

I'd dive into my contractually obligated recruiter spiel if you hadn't posted this on the NA-E general channel :P

As it is, welcome to CoE! If you ever need help finding your bearings the Forum is an awesome place to ask.

4/28/2019 8:16:33 PM #2

I'd love to hear your offer. I am super excited to play this game when it releases.

4/28/2019 8:29:32 PM #3

Posted By DaddyDioSama at 1:16 PM - Sun Apr 28 2019

I'd love to hear your offer. I am super excited to play this game when it releases.

Sent a DM :P

5/20/2019 4:22:44 AM #4

I'd be glad to point you to my own settlement and county for a place to call home, but perhaps first we should chat on your plans for the game. If I can point you in the direction of like-minded people I'd be glad to!

5/20/2019 7:59:11 AM #5

I wish you the best of luck on your adventures.

Neran, are located in many biomes around the world so options are open to you.

5/23/2019 2:41:47 PM #6

Hello I know of a few adventure guilds, as well as merchant guilds if you would like to learn about them also the best option to find people is hop in the discord and listen to what people say about places... there often is a lot of trash talk but it is all in good fun most of the time welcome to CoE

5/29/2019 2:15:00 AM #7

If you wish to base in an agricultural community central to the continent, check out my links in the signature. You can adventure afar with peace of mind that your home is "relatively" safe in a farming community.

Good luck wherever you go!

5/29/2019 8:27:26 AM #8

welcome to the community daddy! |^^|

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