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Hello, some friends told me this morning that they received a PM with the timer and information to claim "terrain" but I can´t see this info, could you help me please?

4/30/2019 9:53:46 PM #1

Unfortunately I am unable to post images it seems, however if you click the mail Icon in the top right of the CoE website (next to your account name) you should be able to see a private message sent by SBS with your current time time to select your land. Please note that this isn't a count down timer, it is simply telling you the time and date that you can make your selection, in order of your IP.

4/30/2019 9:54:09 PM #2

Check your mail icon, that's where my information was.

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4/30/2019 10:41:14 PM #3

Yes, I checked it but this is the problem... I can´t see any new message and I'm a Mayor.

4/30/2019 10:54:14 PM #4

Posted By Cuerdas at 3:41 PM - Tue Apr 30 2019

Yes, I checked it but this is the problem... I can´t see any new message and I'm a Mayor.

Did you already have a server selected before 22 April? Did you claim your Mayor package before 29 April?

If not, you have to wait until the end of D&SS.

4/30/2019 10:55:32 PM #5

If you were server locked before the 22nd, and your mayor title was claimed in your inventory prior to the 29th, and you still did not receive a PM with your timer you should email them to try and get this resolved prior to mayors selecting at:

[email protected]

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5/1/2019 5:30:17 AM #6

If you have your title and didn't get a PM then check to make sure you did everything right. Check to make sure you locked in your server on time - this shouldn't be an issue if you were a part of map voting, though. Check to make sure your title is showing up in your inventory. If you don't see anything, then like Labbe said you have to contact SBS directly

5/1/2019 7:40:57 AM #7

Thank you fellows, I'm going to contact [email protected]