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[EU] County of Vardr

Welcome to the County of Vardr where mann/womann and beast live side by side working towards safeguarding the domain and lives of our citizens. My name is Kainan Misthowl and this is Pimp My County Post!...i mean what?! Roll the intro!!!


The name Vardr is taken from the Old Norse word “Vörðr” (vor-thur). A vordr is a warden spirit, a guardian that follows a soul from birth to death, for when death comes the soul is mute before the gods and the Vörðr speaks for it.

As Turadh has been recently named Wardens of the West by the king, Vardr is a suitable name. (that and Drakon got declined wasn't accepted XD)

I’m seeking like minded individuals that value loyalty and have a protective instinct for the weak and helpless beasts of Elyria (tribes of mann might be included in this category).

The county’s motto is the all time classic: “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack” symbolizing that each individual is an important member of the extended “pack” and united we can overcome any adversity thrown at us by the fates or by mann.

So rip your shirts open and bare your chest at the sky! Speaking of skies and clouds..


The County of Vardr is a proud vasal of the Duchy of Tuardh located within the Kingdom of Tryggr .


Why Tryggr?

Tryggr has been my home for almost 2 years, my closest friends are here, you get assimilated pretty quick the “one of us” chant will speed things up XD.

I basically stumbled my way into the meade hall and I fell in love with all the crazies and the spontaneous shenanigans I joined the fray and never looked back.

So don’t be shy and drop by for a chat. I recommend you bring some mead >.> for the ride of course! why are you looking at me like that?

Tribe & Biome

Well things didn't quite go as per the initial plan, chaos ensued, things happened and due to a play of fate Tryggr got the opportunity to pick Kingdom 3 via an internal poll done by the community, thus unlocking Kypiq, Neran & Waerd for our citizens. However migration is possible as early as Kingdoms of Elyria so if you’re feeling crazy join me and others in the wildest trek of your character's lifetime from the cold North (white walkers anyone?) just a wee bit down South (remember to pack light!).

P.S. : I know it got shortened XD but I just cannot skip this cool line ok?

The Domain

TBA after DSS

The County Capital


At the heart of the County lays the wild town of Ásmundr you can read more by following the link ;)

Home of the Fridulfr School of Husbandry and Animal Sciences, which will be the Misthowl’s legacy project in providing a basic education to its citizens as well as tracking, taming, animal caring, studying the wild beasts for viable field tested data which will be processed into informative pages that will be written in the Bestiary Project (DM me for the WIP doc).

The Vision

The County will be inspired by the Scythian and Mongol cultures, their fine crafts as well as their fighting style and tactics, towards that the aim is to rear and breed mounts for light cavalry & mounted archery, for the non military herding and craftsmanship.

For that the County needs the following: blacksmiths, leatherworkers, bowyers & fletchers, hunters, gatherers, fishers, shepherds, innkeeper, etc. basically everything needed to have a functional and thriving society.

A nomadic lifestyle is possible and encouraged as long as self sustainability is maintained without draining the land thus allowing rest and regrowth periods to the natural resources; herding animals to other lands within the kingdom is possible as long as the right arrangements with the landowners is made.

County’s security will be provided by the Liulfr Rangers currently lead by “if you fill out a form, it could be you ;)” who will be a mobile light mounted unit, roaming around our territories to safeguard the people and surrounding wildlife.

Settlers & Nomads are welcomed

Guilds & Craftsmen

Jörmungandr Explorers Guild

Jörmungandr Explorers Guild will have a Branch in Ásmundr that will provide a contract board, resting accommodation and a resupply point for those on duty.

Can a Count count?

The answer to that is “yes” though up to a certain number it’s gonna get messy.

Vardr’s ruling family consists at this moment of a whopping number of one, Han Solo-ing the shit out of this thing is Kainan Misthowl your lovable beastmaster wannabe.

Count Kainan Misthowl

Our Count here is Romanian, loves diving into rpg & mmo games for the stories & level grinds, has 4 dogs and 2 cats, he loves hugs, and he absolutely hates eggplants.

He will be balancing to the best of his abilities the civic responsibilities of the County alongside that of the military (please send help T_T ).

He fancies animal taming & training and will train in hand to hand combat & polearms, with archery on the side.

He currently co-leads The Jörmungandr Explorers with Duchess Eltanin Vánagandr and his second in command Hood.


Have you lost your marbles and wish to join me on this wild ride? Or you just wish to know me better before considering your decision?

You can find me on discord as Kainan#7295 or reply here, and if you’re feeling extra brave hop on the Duchy of Turadh or Kingdom of Tryggr discord and say hi ^^

Credits to the original creators of the images, I do not own any of these images apart from the Shield logo,

This post is a huge work in progress job and is subject to change with new information from SBS.

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