Trading Post Kit not showing up in inventory


I bought a Trading Post Kit on March 28th, and it definitely was showing up in my inventory after I bought it. But I just checked now, and for some reason it's not showing up anymore!

Thanks in advance, Mysi Karuna

The Brudvir Countess Mysi Karuna, of Wainswey County is devoted to woodworking and trading in Elyria. Settled in the interior of Ravencrest Duchy in Aranor, NA-W.

5/2/2019 10:52:55 PM #1

I am having the same issue. I bought the trading post kit march 29th.

5/13/2019 6:26:16 PM #2

To both of you, I checked your inventory and you both have a Trading Post Kit inside.

You may not realize we added pagination to your inventory a little while back, so try going to a different page and you should see it.

Thank you.

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