Aranor Loses Half of Its High Council. Here's Why

Greetings, I am the former Grand Marshal of Aranor, Alexei Petrov. I'll let my quote speak for itself. It is the reason, after all, that the leadership of the (IP-Wise) most powerful nation is now decapitated.

Allow me to summarize my grievances: An unfounded accusation was turned into a witch hunt and then a character assassination against Shaggy, Purple and myself by fellow members of our council behind our backs These were quickly overruled and both parties acquitted, however suspicion turned into the fabrication of evidence, broad speculation, and ultimately what was false turned into a foregone conclusion to the council. The “investigation” which already concluded was pushed forward zealously by the same family that tried, and was proven to have attempted to rig council elections - the true traitors. Actual treason goes unpunished in Aranor though, but the innocents face personal attacks done without our knowledge at all. The council attempted to cover this ordeal from our knowledge even after our acquittal, a stark act that proves their lack of honor and abundance of cowardice in times of wrongdoing. I am resigning in spite of this rampant display of corruption

EDIT - At about 5:30 EST, a fourth councilor has left, resulting in 4 of the 7 council members resigning within 24 hours of eachother.

EDIT #2 - Our good friend the queen, per normal, decided that I griefed the discord, which is just false. I posted my resignation and was banned immediately. Talk about pushing an agenda... "Burned everything as he ran". Alright. Ironic that I was falsely accused of treason after an apology towards me for being falsely accused of treason. Hmmm. On another note apparently the proven and acknowledged but unpunished attempts by a family to rig elections in Aranor is considered a false accusation.

EDIT #3 - Just a friendly expose on the actions of our queen, including using alternate accounts to intentionally lend herself support, faking the discovery of evidence from spies of the so-called "order" - which is essentially the kingdom's secret police, except for the fact that it doesn't even do that right and is barely a functioning organization. Pretending that a spy gave her information that is in fact purely fabricated to incriminate individuals, all the fun dystopian propaganda campaign stuff.

Alexei Petrov - Former Grand Marshal of Aranor, Whistleblower, Ashlander

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the game of thrones

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Posted By Tichys at 04:58 AM - Fri May 03 2019

the game of thrones

The Dance of Dynasties, please.

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When you partake in the Dance of Dynasties, you win or you trip because you're bad at dancing.

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Assassinations...who TF got assassinated?

RIP Shaggy....Who TF is Shaggy and how did he die?

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Ignore the guy above Blue, if your grievances with Aranor are real then it's a good thing that you shared. It's mind boggling how people take activities like those described with a grain of salt just because either it's about a game or because we aren't in the finished product yet.

KelvinRiley a.k.a. Xander Renécius

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So, where do you plan to go?

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Posted By TheCoz at 12:35 AM - Fri May 03 2019

Assassinations...who TF got assassinated?

He said 'character assassination' which means to slander someone's reputation, which is arguably way worse then an actual in-game assassination.

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Welcome to the forums, Alexei! \o/

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Now THAT'S how you make an entrance!

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If you're going to post once, Bluemoon, this is how you do it.

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I believe the Queen of Aranor is in fact, alive and well, one would even say thriving in her position. Any decision the Queen has made to remove those not able to do their job, is simply the Queen fulfilling her duties.

I wonder what a Brudvir/Hrothi unemployment line looks like?

Long live the Queen of Aranor!

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For the record, the Queen of Aranor removed nobody. Three of her seven councilors resigned today, at different times, due to this type of thing.

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Just imagine what the Dukes' Week of Blood shall look like given we have not even started that yet...

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Posted By Lady Grace at 05:28 AM - Fri May 03 2019

Just imagine what the Dukes' Week of Blood shall look like given we have not even started that yet...

when people actually are going to be fucked off with all their shit after plopping down their claims. It's going to be horrible. At least there is name changes and another chance.

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heh, definetly not the only kingdom where such things happen :)