Quicksilver Keep




Biome/climate:dependent on selection

Quicksilver Keep

Mission: Recruiting all menn and womenn to cultivate growth and trade throughout the duchy and county. Looking for creators and those willing to work with their hands to help produce and protect trade routes within and around the surrounding areas to help other towns and cities thrive and grow.

Focus: PvE, PvP, Trade/commerce, Farming, Crafting, Military protection of trade routes

Contact: PM Miaumbra here or MiasmaUmbra#2385 on discord

Seeking: Hunters, Gatherers, Farmers, Smiths, Animal trainers, Traders, Crafters of all kinds, Soldiers, Anyone

I will make as much effort to make your dreams a reality as my own. All I ask is that you put your effort into our people so our group can prosper. This town supports all trades and people. I believe that each member has skills that will help this town grow and prosper and no talent, no matter how small it may seem will go unused or unappreciated. If you are looking to be a part of something glorious, if you are searching for a Team, a Town to call home, or even if you are just looking for a Family to guard your backs then come and stand with me.

Menn and Womenn of all walks of life, all trades and talents welcome. If you wish to start a guild, open a business, trade routes or protect those who reside in these walls welcome. If you wish to farm, hunt gather and train animals welcome. Welcome to all those who wish to call this place home; I would be honored to be a part of your story.

Discord link:

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