Choices, choices...

The heavens poured, countless drops falling, to disappear in a dank sea among the rotten leaves that sank under their endless assault. It had rained for several days now, the gray clouds covering the sky, and even the furious gold of the Sun. But there were other golden suns that even the most tempestuous weather could not hide, the twin orbs in the eyes of she-who-wore the Crown of Scorn. From the lichen-laden window in the Tower she contemplated the landscape, as she brought a cup of scarlet tea to lips of the same color.

“My Queen…” a Black Knight, his eyes a vibrant ecru, a sharp contrast with his ebon skin. “You called?”

Without turning, the womann of the Black Heart addressed the only mann she trusted as her Shield. “Commander…” she seemed to hesitate. “Serverus, would you stand here by me?”

“There is nothing I want more. I will stand by you, even beyond my grave, I will.” His tall figure walked past the other figures present in the room. His presence would dwarf everyone around him but her magnificence.

Rowena’s palm received some of the raindrops as she pointed at the horizon “What do you see?”

“An endless sea only we can navigate” the voice of Tavadon replied.

“Hard decisions we must face without question” Martyr spoke next.

“A different battlefield” Kara added.

“A gift of nature” Ilhar interrupted.

“A journey to the unknown” were Driscoll’s words.

“Opportunity for our people” Sellayne’s eyes shone.

“A chance for us all” Tenslea smiled.

“A prosperous future” Baxterius mused.

“A world, ripe for the taking” Darktide jested.

*Erdrick was the last to speak *“I see rain…endless. I see the land being fed. I see a gray sky, the only future lies in the twin suns I have always seen.”

A smile appeared in Rowena's crimson lips.

“Would you like to know what I see?” “I see rain…endless. The interminable weeping of the heavens, for it knows that Fate, Destiny and Darkness stand today, as always, by our side. It mourns for the lives that have been lost. It weeps for those who will lose their lives, the many who celebrated our…how did they call it? Ah, that’s right, ‘failure’…The heavens cry, they will nourish the land with the hidden beauty the world has failed to see. It will feed the swamp we call home, the one many thought lost, the same one many mocked us for, claiming we would not get to live in…”

The Queen savored the last sip of her cup as a sinister smile was drawn on her lips “Ahhhh, Elyria, you were scared a ‘bog hag’ would come for you? Oh, dear Elyria…I am far from a bog hag…”

“…she would be quite merciful.”



"When you feel you don't belong, you me" -Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts

5/4/2019 12:58:47 AM #1

In Tenebris Nos!

5/4/2019 12:59:12 AM #2

Long live the Queen

5/4/2019 12:59:17 AM #3

In Tenebris Nos


5/4/2019 1:05:30 AM #4

Excellent, let us fight for a prosperous future.

In Tenebris Nos.

5/4/2019 2:53:24 AM #5

In Tenebris Nos!

Long live Blackheart!! Long live her Queen!!!

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5/4/2019 2:55:04 AM #6

No less a foul beast than Light's glaring silhouette,
The eyes of Darkness fracture as a cracked mirror.

"In Tenebris Nos Prosperabitur"

I am thrilled that we have officially established our home!

5/4/2019 3:21:37 AM #7

In Tenebris Nos.

5/4/2019 3:58:58 AM #8

The small, slight mann looked - almost - out of place in the crowd. His was a different history than the stories of the Dras, but this Kypiq knew his people would stand with him, as he did with them.

He raised a cup of Blood wine and let his voice join the chorus, "In Tenebris Nos."

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5/4/2019 6:09:22 AM #9

In Tenebris Nos.

let the world tremble in the wake of Blackheart and our Queen, so it was written, let it be done.

5/4/2019 12:06:58 PM #10

In Tenebris Nos.

5/5/2019 6:14:27 PM #11

In Tenebris Nos! Well written as always, I look forward to many more years of outwitting our adversaries. It will be an honor to stand by you.

5/6/2019 11:41:07 AM #12

In Tenebris Nos! Intelligence, genius, IntelliGenius at its finest. Long live Queen Rowena!! My optimism never waivered, TFQ knows who her true followers are. Keep the faith, Keep The Balance!

5/6/2019 4:31:04 PM #13

Beautifully written

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