Bloodthorn Syndicate [Bordweall]

Bloodthorn Syndicate

Kingdom: Bordweall

Duchy: Bloodbole

Bloodthorn Syndicate

The Syndicate is NOT an Organization. The Bloodthorn Syndicate is a massive Grand County within the Grand Duchy of Bloodbole and is currently seeking Mayors and settlers who are interested in PvE adventures, resource gathering, crafting production, or would like to contribute directly to a Shipbuilding Enterprise!

The purpose of the Bloodthorn Syndicate is to provide a steady flow of logistical supply, accountability, and control to the Bordweall Naval construction effort. Additionally, the Bloodthorn Syndicate is charged with several operational tasks to include but not limited to--develop sustainable shipbuilding facilities, maintain a high volume of both Mann-made and natural resource output, produce high-grade ships of war, exploration, and mercantile, sail across deep water bodies of water and discover new lands and tribes.

Leadership. The Brunel Shipwrights Company serves as the developmental element under the financial and royal stewardship of King Dleatherus (the Crown). The syndicate lives and dies under the will of the Crown, combined with a select group of loyal Mayors, Counts and Countesses to serve as the Board of Logisticians. The head of this board is Grand Count Molara and serves as the chief logistics and operations manager for the syndicate.


• Strong and attentive community support

• Bloodthorn supply and demand (Logistical Redistribution)

• Infrastructure development and connections to economic hubs

• Networking and connections

• Freedom to run your county your way

• Recognition

• Protection

Mayors and settlers are continually in need. Please click on the image below to watch our recruitment video!

Check out the "Introducing the Bloodthorn Syndicate" by clicking on the link below. An updated version is currently being worked on and will be released in September 2019.

Bloodthorn Syndicate Symbology / Roleplay

Ship: Shipbuilding and representing the syndicates focus

Crossed ore and anchor: Display of nautical exploration and expeditions.

Axe with a spear's head in the center: Highlights the laborers spearheading the syndicate's resource acquisition

Rams: Symbolic to the "beasts of burden"

Red leaves: Homage to those who have and will continue to perish while in open seas

Ledger background: Represents the financial investment of the Kingdom of Bordwell

Bloodthorn outline: Represents the protection and homage to the Duchy of Bloodoak and Kingdom of Bordweall

Please join us on the Bloodthorn Syndicate Discord!

5/5/2019 1:37:50 PM #1

Recruitment Video:

9/6/2019 10:54:00 AM #2

I can't wait to see the things we can accomplish with this! Wildhome looks forward to working as part of the Syndicate as both a settlement and an organization.

Join us on Discord!

9/20/2019 2:21:14 AM #3

Thanks for helping me join the Syndicate! -Spook (Totenkopf)

9/29/2019 2:51:05 PM #4

Posted By ThatRasputin at 03:54 AM - Fri Sep 06 2019

I can't wait to see the things we can accomplish with this! Wildhome looks forward to working as part of the Syndicate as both a settlement and an organization.

The BSC - BTS - WE partnership is a grow and amazing venture!!!

I recommend those scrolling through the forums to stop in and see us.

9/29/2019 2:52:33 PM #5

Posted By Totenkopf at 7:21 PM - Thu Sep 19 2019

Thanks for helping me join the Syndicate! -Spook (Totenkopf)

Glad to have you with us mate! I look forward to seeing you and you’re lads in game!

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