Looking for a few good hunters!

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The Brotherhood


BARONESS: Unaa Morgenstern


DUCHY: [Kathandriel]

KINGDOM: Ashland


Other schools my be grand and expansive. They may boast a bounty of tomes and scholarly tools. But in the Hollow, the trees are our cathedral, the animals our grand masters. ~ Brother Mathias Ash~

The Brotherhood came together when a small group of seasoned hunters realized the old ways were fading. They dedicated themselves to teach the young ones the sacred ways of the wilds. Instilling in them that the wilds were neither light or dark but a balance of the two. It can give or take, heal or destroy.

In the Brotherhood you will learn the art of stalk and hunt. The art of animal lore and husbandry. The art of herbalism and how to make these plants useful. The more in depth studies will dive into shadow lore. Where you will use your skills to track the more malevolent creatures in the forest.

For a More information about us and our little family join in on the conversation at the Loc’Mir Discord server:

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