Main site landing pages half visable

When I access the site using Chrome 73.0.3686 on a PC, all the game taps pages (the pages with the fancy header with: game, media, community, support, store and login or register tabs, with the sub sections open dynamically horizontally beneath the main tabs) only appear to half load/only be visible for the top half of the screen. This also prevents me from interacting with the page beyond the top categories in the header. This can be fixed by removing either of these styles from the .app--root class:

height: 100vh;

overflow-x: hidden;

I tried setting these to different values using inline styling but that didn't work, to fix the issue the style values needed removing from that class.

Reproduction steps: navigate to one of the following: (it appears to happen on all pages from* )

5/6/2019 10:48:19 AM #1

Another way to solve this (and may be more the cause for the issue) is to set give the element with id="th-page-loaded" a height of 0.

5/28/2019 7:19:16 PM #2

I've reported this to the web team to take a look.

Thanks for your report!

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