Can pledges be upgraded?

If I buy in at the $45 level can i continually pledge until part of the gentry or must it be purchased all at once?

5/12/2019 4:56:57 AM #1

You can upgrade

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5/12/2019 5:59:31 AM #2

If you go to the store page, you should see that the price for a higher package is discounting the price of your current one.

If at any point you want to upgrade to a higher package than the one you already own, once done, that new package price will be what is discounted for any upgrade toward even higher available packages, and so on all the way to proprietor while the gentry packages are available.

But note that in order to upgrade your package you have to buy a new one, money spent on other things do not count on package acquisition, nor can you pay for your upgrade in small amounts( layaway).