Baroney of Grimhold

The Baroney of Grimhold, County of Upper Freewater (Demalion Empire)

Server: EU (Selene)

Kingdom: Demalion Empire Link

Grimhold, the hold for the Grimnir family. Long have they bled for Riverreign the Demalion Empire as lions on their fields. They will continue to do so until there is no blood left. Located in Upper Freewater lies Grimhold. It's lord is Ves Grimnir, lord of house Grimnir, and his lady Vend. Second in command is Dominic Mickerson.

Grimhold is a village in the Duchy of Silverbow Vale. We are looking for a multitude of different working class and Military men/women of different tribes. Most of us will be either of Neran or Hrothi descent. If interested click the link below or send me a PM. Discord Contact:

We will be located in the Lower Mountaine Forest, so we are looking for those interested in the following trades:

Soldiers, Traders, Farmers, Tailors, Blacksmiths, Clerks, Alchemists, and Clerics.

...... And many other professions await you within Grimhold.

Be sure to click the link at the bottom of the page to join our Discord channel as this is our main form of communication.

We will be playing with a Knightly Order theme. We have room for all types of gamers, so whether you are PVP, PVE or RP inclined, we will strive to find you that battle you seek, a safe haven to enjoy your time in peace, or to help you network and/or find other people to engage in role play with.

We will be located in the Lower Montane Forest, so we are looking for those that like the following trades:

What entails to look forward to: Unique military orders, Unique combat style, Health care system, Social system to help new players, Church for priests, and religious orders. Central Ideas of the Barony:

-Core Value of the Barony: Teamwork.

-Barony Motto: Neither Fear nor Spurn.

-Barony Theme: Medieval Europe.

Nec Timo, Nec Sperno

5/16/2019 3:46:51 PM #1

Neither Fear nor Spurn! Death before Dishonor! Together we Hunt! I like everything about this post...well done!

5/22/2019 11:02:33 PM #2

i am so happy to have you guys in my county cant wait to play COE with you all

5/24/2019 6:59:38 PM #3

Welcome, brother in arms! ~Neither Fear nor Spurn.

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