Town of Di Nolfol

The Town of DiNolfol will be a moderately sized Settlement located within the Quintuple County of Danu (x5). The town has been up and coming in recent generations with its majority Neran population, yet the people hold ambitions to achieve greater status and become more renowned in the region. From what used to be a quiet agricultural village, now is a rising settlement that recognizes not only the importance of self-sustainability, but also build up a means to protect itself from foes near and afar.

While the City Guard in its blue garb operates within the city and its few guard posts, there exists a new but still somewhat unknown group called the Ranger Corps of DiNolfol or Rangers as the locals know them by; that monitor the town and its outlying area upholding the laws of the county, and thwarting those who would disturb the relatively peaceful folk of DiNolfol.

As it has risen in its status, DiNolfol has also recently built up a small but formidable port that has contributed to its commercial growth. With this new economy, the town has placed a focus on developing its Port Security, and recently established a Coast Guard to help protect the port, and also aid distressed travelers at sea.

Goals and Opportunities While we would like entrepreneurs and farmers to set up in our town to stimulate the regional economy, we are not limited in what roles we are looking to be filled. At this time we are seeking the following roles to help in the administration of the town:

Vice Mayor and Town Council Members

City Planner/Architect/Builder

Guard Commander

Ranger Commander

City Guards


And Coast Guardsmen/Port Guards

For those that wish to start a trade in industry or agriculture, we are looking for the following specialists, but also welcome those that we may not have listed:

Smiths (of any metal)


Merchants/Shopkeepers Tavern-keeper



Farmers/Farmhands/Livestock owners


And more!

While some of the history has yet to be published by our historians, there still lies opportunities for you, the new citizen of DiNolfol to leave your mark on our history, and help us reach new milestones as a growing town.

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