County Miruvell


Just where in Elyria is this place!
  • Server:            The EU Server

  • Kingdom:        The Kingdom of AL-Khezam

  • Duchy:            Anor

  • Capital City:    Escalante

  • Tribe/Biome:   Neran/Grasslands

  • Religion:         The Virtori Faith

  • Join Us:           Duchy Discord Channel

  • Website:         Official Anor Website

  • Miruvell is ruled by Count Miothadil Eruwaen.

  • Miruvell is a Multi-Cultural Society and all people are welcome in this County.  In Miruvell all desired levels of roleplay are embraced and protected. PvP is only accepted in self defense, law enforcement or wartime.


Neran / Grasslands

Miruvell is a union between Miruvell and it's northern coastal neighbour Miruvell Bay (darkessy). The two great houses of Eruwaen and Lanthieri have long amicably shared common ground and have recently committed themselves to joyous union. At the earliest opportunity we shall celebrate the occasion by completing the merger into a single Miruvell.

Miruvell itself is a fertile County, "The peaceful vale of the godly nectar", abound with wildflower meadows, colourful patchworks of farms and orchards, all abuzz with bees. Their bounty flowing like the meandering streams through the industrious capital Escalante located in the hills central to both territories. There they are made into the highest quality mead, tinkered goods and many other products and traded forth to the rest of the Duchy, Kingdom and even to far flung exotic lands.

Miruvell Bay is the coastal county along the bay that holds the same name. The horselords and maidens of the Town of Wipach (brownthorn cove) have great love for their town and it's key location along the Wipach river. Sitting on top of the only other hill for miles around overlooking the wide shallows that extend out to sea, they now wish for nothing more then to focus on their crafts and have entrusted governance of the surrounded lands of Miruvell Bay to Count Miothadil Eruwaen of Miruvell.

The Duchy of Anor is a coastal grasslands region, with vast open plains filled with large herbivores grazing on the tall grasses and broad shallow rivers fanning out to sea between the green carpeted coastal cliffs. As the ancestral home biome of the Neran, the fertile grasslands are populated by them in large numbers. Other neighbouring tribes can also be found in much smaller numbers, with the Dras and Waerd sharing a roughly equal minority of around 8% and less then 1% being Kypiq.



The Capital Escalante is where it all began.
After the Searing Plague, House Eruwaen founded Escalante on the 4 pillars of Agriculture, Brewing, Innovation and Self-Sufficiency.

Escalante endures as both the Seat of the united county and of Anor's Master of Education, Count Miothadil Eruwaen.

Read more about Escalante and it's history in it's own thread: City of Escalante


Life in County Miruvell is good. As a result the county is home to a wide range of people with as wide a range of occupations as one could imagine in such a region. The 4 pillars that have made the capital Escalante such a success, now extend far out into the surrounding lands that form County Miruvell and opportunities abound.

Despite having a structure to strive for, these occupations are mostly self governed. As Count it's not my job to boss you around and tell you what to do every single moment of your Elyrian life.
You have a destiny of your own to pursue and you are free to do so.
My job is to manage the framework and offer any guidance you may desire to get you to your ideal life within the County.

The following 4 pillars then exist only to provide a vision and a direction to the County, that I hope you will want to help fulfill as we build something worth fighting for together.


If you're looking to live the farmers dream of rural bliss, this is the pillar for you. In keeping with the rest of Anors agricultural core counties, Miruvell will produce food well in excess of what is consumed locally. Those that join this branch will specialize in crops that naturally keep well in our stockpile and those that can be prepared for export and trade within the Duchy.


For those that like brewing, distilling and anything else related to making the finest alcoholic beverages. From growing and processing the ingredients down to fermenting and/or distilling and sale of the much imbibed end products.

Anorians love their booze and the capital Escalante is home to Shmead's Mead. The finest quality golden nectar produced by local beekeeper Lakewood and famous throughout the Duchy.

Shmead's Mead has been made in Escalante for many generations and takes it's name from the local folklore figure known only as Shmead. An infamous character around these parts that's shrouded in mystery. At night it's not uncommon to hear his tale whispered to a huddled crowd around the dancing flames of the inn's hearth. And it's hard to find a citizen who doesn't have an opinion on the topic of Shmead.

But Miruvell does not limit itself to just mead, several other types of alcohol are produced here as well. With a preference for using ingredients that by themselves also contribute to diversifying the local diet.
Creating an opportunity for many a vineyard for wine and orchards for apple cider for example. But the resourceful citizens of Miruvell can be expected to try and ferment and distill any crop at least once.


Tinkerers, Alchemists and Scholars who will lay the foundation for future Research in Miruvell. House Eruwaen has had a long history as tinkerers and menn of science. As appointed Master of Education on the Grand Council of the Duchy of Anor, I am no exception.
I will ensure full access to the University of Anor to advance us to the mastery level needed for research.

I have a great interest in all things science and will personally endeavour to innovate and improve the local industries.

Although the University of Anor in the Capital of Dawn's Reach is the centre of all scientific discovery within the Duchy, I believe the spark of genius might best be stimulated by exposure to the daily activities and instruments of the occupations one seeks to improve upon.

The capital Escalante is therefore a hot bed of Tinkering and Alchemy alongside all other occupations. Combining their instruments and Miruvell's industrial byproducts in interesting new ways. While risking the occasional rapid unscheduled catastrophic deconstruction no doubt, all in the name of progress.

For we can't run without first learning how to walk. And Tinkering and Alchemy have the greatest potential to eventually yield the most interesting scientific discoveries applicable to the widest spread of occupations. Including breakthroughs in other championed sciences such as medical, astronomy and archaeology.

All of which of course needing to be recorded by scribes and cross-referenced by scholars in close cooperation with the University of Anor.


Everything Miruvell needs to hold our own even in times of hardship. While the three pillars described above might give meaning and direction, Escalante would be nothing without it's heart. The framework around which the rest is made possible.

These are the occupations that are crucial for city life, such as the guards, bakers, potters, blacksmiths, innkeepers, stable hands, etc up to and including the person that provides the candles that illuminate the city at night. All in all there's a list of over 100 potential medieval occupations. So chances are, if you have something in mind, we probably need it.

While it is improbable for Miruvell to attract or house every occupation known to Mann and achieve true self-sufficiency, we nevertheless seek to do as much ourselves as we reasonable can efficiently.

The goal of self-sufficiency here is therefore not to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, but to adjust ourselves to the local niche of available resources.

So we may fend for ourselves as much as possible and survive when faced with no other choice. In order to protect our families, our homes and our homeland that is the County of Miruvell. To fill in our weaknesses with trade and aid from our friends in Anor. As we will do for them, in their hour of need.


County Miruvell's mainly exports easily stockpiled and well preserved foods and is famous for Shmead's Mead. Candles and Second Tier commodities are also abundant. And lastly Miruvell's population of tinkerers and scientists provides a wide selection of specialized high end tinkered products like clocks and instruments. If you need a clock or a lock in Anor, you come to Miruvell.

Traders will be able to roll into town from the main duchy road and trade network. Naturally the road less traveled tends to be the riskier one, so it's advisable to stick to the main trade network where Anorian guards can still be expected periodically on their patrols.
If that's not an option then the Count will ensure there are contracts available for trustworthy caravan guards to assist in the protection of your shipment.

As for taxes, if people have ever agreed on anything, it's that everybody hates tax raises and loves tax cuts. So in that spirit County Miruvell won't start with promises of barely existing tax rates. Taxes will instead start out as reasonable as deemed necessary. With the assurance that the majority not owed to the Duke, will make its way back into civil investments that will help build and strengthen our County in the initial period after release.

I value knowing my citizens, so will naturally reward those that decide to join and work with me on this journey early. Therefore the first 50 early bird migrants will receive a tax deduction for the initial period. Details to be determined once we know more.


A County would be nowhere without it's people. And the people of Miruvell are a merry bunch. An oft heard remark when trying to explain their County to visitors in the tavern is "We drink and we know things!". Over the years this has become an unofficial motto of sorts. For it is true that Miruvell is known mostly for its sweet Shmead and scientific pursuits.

The abundant stockpiles of food and drink guarantee many a festival. Festivals are coordinated with the rest of the Duchy so everyone has the opportunity to sample each others culture. Because above all the Miruvellans enjoy the pleasures of life and any innovations that can improve them.

Miruvell has a fascinating duality to it. The capital Escalante is a bustling cauldron of towering spires and weird and wonderful inventions, the heart of which can be dizzying to people less accustomed to such advancements. But the citizens of Escalante revel in it, risking life and limb to push ever on.

For such is the true motto inscribed as you climb the steps into the central business district: Semper scalam scientia ascendimus "Always we climb the ladder of Science".

Yet looking the other way, it is clear that even on the outskirts of Escalante the Miruvellans have not forgotten the merits of a simpler life or the healing effect nature has on the soul.
It is in fact through innovation that the Miruvellans hope to enjoy the good life more.
And many delight in spending time in the countryside, where small villages and hamlets reap the benefits of innovation away from the crowds of the City.


All towns will get connected to Escalante and to the main Duchy roads and trade network. If the County can get access to sea or river, the Count will ensure all infrastructure necessary to utilize the waterways efficiently.

The Anorian masonic order is responsible for building and upkeeping the Duchy’s infrastructure. And will ensure speedy access by road and bridges to Capital Dawn's Reach for all counties. Which Miruvell requires for trade and troop movements as well as for it's close cooperation with the University of Anor.

In addition the Count will see that mines and quarries be constructed to fully utilize any valuable resources that might be found on our lands. Mills, both watermills and windmills with be built for the processing of grains and the sawing of lumber. And Aqueducts will be constructed from the highest quality concrete to combat the effects of droughts on our crops.


The University of Anor

Count Miothadil Eruwaen is also Master of Education and Head of the University of Anor.

The more people that are members of a School/University in Elyria the faster and more greater it's accomplishments are when it comes to discovering new research and technologies. Because of this it was decided that Dawn's Reach would be the location for a grand place of learning and the City now holds the largest University in the land. Which can be easily accessed by citizens across the Duchy thanks to the excellent road networks connecting the many settlements.

The university of Anor is dedicated to the furthering of education, research and technology within the entire Duchy. This is made up of trainers and teachers who are paid whilst other members pay to receive training and gain access to the school’s resources.

The funding comes from a combination of paying members and grants from the Duchy. The main advantage of the University of Anor is that its members are offered increased and rapid opportunity for learning. This is in the form of consolidated access to skill trainers, and specialised research tools. As new technology is discovered, all students immediately gain access to the new knowledge. This will benefit the whole of the Duchy.

As Master of Education I will further work to provide the following:

  • Ensure the basic educational needs of citizens are met.
  • Procure and maintaining items of interest for study.
  • Build up a library of interesting and useful texts for the benefit of all Anorians.
  • Advise council members on educational and research matters.
  • Oversee all educational and research facilities within the Duchy.
  • ​Manage collaboration with foreign bodies on research projects where deemed beneficial.
  • Budget for educational and research matters including setting and collecting fees where appropriate.


The Virtori Church

The official religion of the Neran tribes is the Virtori faith which is also the official religion of the Duchy of Anor and thus of the County of Miruvell. The Anorian high priestess and her cathedral can be found in the Duchy capital of Dawn’s Reach.

The followers of the faith however are found all over the Duchy and the light of Virtori shines on all its followers.
In Miruvell shrines to Pacyen and Asiduuryn (patience and diligence) are especially popular. The church has also been valuable in humanitarian aid and medical assistance throughout the years.


The Anorian Guard

If you feel what we have built is worth defending and step up to become a member of the Anorian Guard, your fame will extend far beyond the county borders, you fight for all of Anor!

The Anorian Guard is the absolute backbone of the Duchies military forces. Tasked with defending the Duchy and Counties from hostile threats, both from within and from without the Duchy, and the protection of the Duke. The Guard is under direct command of Duke Alduin of Anor.

Starting a career in the Anorian guard usually means starting your training in one of the Duchies Baronies. After which you can choose what you would like to specialize in or what type of missions you want to undertake. Such as a guard position in County Miruvell. Anyone with the will to do so can seek to become a town guard in Miruvell. But only those that have completed the Anorian Guard's basic training are eligble for command positions.

Unlike what most people believe, a career in the Anorian guard is not reserved for pvp-ers but there are also many career possibilities for pve-ers. In other words, there is something for everybody in the guard. Adventurer, Warrior or Noble defender alike. The Anorian guard does not only defend the realm against aggressors but also deals with intelligence gathering, escorts, bounty hunting, courier and sabotage, just to mention a few types of missions they carry out. Members of the guard are outfitted by the Duke and have benefits such as access to the best weapons and armour.

Valour, Skill and Honour will see you rewarded as you climb the military ladder. But only the best of the best will ever make it up to our elite Knights of the Sun. Handpicked, only these Knights are trusted with the most important missions and the special emblazoned armour that announces their elite rank to the world. Their immortal deeds are forever chiseled into the very walls of the Great Halls themselves at Dawn's Reach.


If you wish to join County Miruvell and become one of it's Citizens then please feel free to join the Duchy of Anor Discord. Please click the Discord image above to gain entry. Thank you.

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Looking forward to delivering you the finest quality Anorian longbows Count Mio. Expecting some of your best Shmead in return. Naturellement!

May the Shmead be with ye!

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Drinks and innovation are at the basis of a healthy economy. The Treasury of Anor is delighted with Miruvell's economic focus.

Zum Wohl!

Sador Olgwein of Aerthad, County of Anorath (Friend code: 2D50DE)

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Shmead will be forthcoming!

...and so are the taxes ;p

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While Miruvell was able to claim it's desired location some time ago, I am proud to announce we can now be found by our proper name in the Duchy of Anor on the map as well. :D

At the earliest opportunity in the future we shall merge with Miruvell Bay(darkessy) and become one Miruvell governed from the central location in the hills of Escalante. The future is looking bright for Science and Shmead!