BBC Tonight May 14 - D&SS...What Happened and Where We Go From Here

The BBC is livestreaming tonight, Tuesday May 14th at

8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific

Our planned content of showing the map and discussing it and speculating about it isn't possible and so we will be discussing the latest developments in D&SS as well as fielding questions and concerns from our viewers

link for our TWITCH CHANNEL

5/14/2019 4:37:42 PM #1

Are you going to announce the map release date? ;)

5/14/2019 6:17:32 PM #2

Yes, live on the stream! I think, wait let me get back to you on that...

5/14/2019 6:20:01 PM #3

Don't worry, we won't delay!

5/14/2019 10:18:05 PM #4

Hope you have a great stream tonight, guys! :)

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