(NA-E) Kingdom of Kairos- Duchy of Galladorn The Song of Silence: Bardic Guild

Song of Silence is a Bardic Guild whose purpose is to bring happiness and entertainment to the world through song and dance. I am the Master Bard of the guild and my purpose is to help guide you to success as a Bard. As well as spread the name of Song of Silence. One day we will reign as the number one Bardic Guild. We offer you a name not through combat but through your performances throughout the kingdoms. One day you will be been known in every town you enter. If you have a taste for the bardic arts do not be afraid to stop on by.

Goals: The Song of Silence is a Bardic guild meant to entertain not only our Duchy but the entire Kingdom of Kairos. Although we will be available to all the kingdoms in Elyria. Our goal is to spread happiness and entertainment throughout the world.

Hierarchy: Master Bard is the leader of the guild, who's sole purpose is to make sure order and give out the jobs that the guild has been given.

Master Apprentice's are the nest in command and serve as the middleman between the Master Bard and the Bards, Apprentice Bards and Apprentices. They have the same role in the guild that the Master Bard does but they are still expected to take on jobs to increase our influence.

Bards are the common level of the guild and are allowed to take on jobs solo as well as take on jobs with the Apprentice Bards. They are expected to take the Apprentice Bards out for the experience and help them enhance their skills.

Apprentice Bards are the cleaners of the guild and have to take on jobs with a Bard or higher, however they can take on a job solo but they need to have permission from the Master Apprentice or Master Bard.

Apprentices are the ones in training and can not take on jobs unless the Master Apprentice or Master Bard give them on. They are to help spread out influence at local taverns and possibly go to the neighboring towns in hopes of recruiting for the guild.

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