Mrs. Prindables Gourmet Caramel Apples!!

Yesterday we had a delightful gift appear at our doorstep.

A very kind and loving Community member was nice enough to send the studio this fantastic array of goodies from Mrs. Prindables Gourmet Caramel Apples!!

Inside was an amazing variety of goodies, just take a look at this list!

(1) Triple Chocolate Jumbo Caramel Apple
(1) Milk Chocolate Walnut Pecan Jumbo Caramel Apple
(2) Triple Chocolate Petite Caramel Apple
(2) Milk Chocolate Walnut Petite Caramel Apples
(2) Dark Chocolate Cashew Petite Caramel Apple
(2) Toffee Walnut Petite Caramel Apple
(9) Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Rods
(2) Bags of Milk Chocolate Toffee, 4.5oz
(2) Jumbo Nut Clusters
(3) Bags of White Chocolate Pretzel Bites, 4.5oz
(3) Bags of Assorted Natural Caramels, 4.3oz
(2) Assorted Four-Piece Chocolate Covered Caramels
(1) Five-Piece Signature Truffle Tube

While the generous gift-giver wanted to remain anonymous, they did provide this nice message of thanks with the basket:

"To everyone at the studio, thank you so much for all of the hard work, long hours, and dedication in trying to get DSS and the maps done. Hopefully you'll take a bit of time away from your computers to enjoy these treats."

"* -from the still mostly anonymous owner of the Last Oasis on Luna.*"

We know who you are, but we'll keep your secret safe ;)

From All of us at the studio, we offer you a hearty


P.S. My personal favorite are the white chocolate pretzel bites, YUMM!!

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5/14/2019 10:14:19 PM #1

Thank you so much, it was a nice break!

5/14/2019 10:14:34 PM #2

I am missing teeth from all the sweets. Its win win cause I like shakes! Thank you so much! These were delicious!

The voice of Orlando's FrontEnd

5/14/2019 10:25:45 PM #3

It was very enjoyable and delicious. Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughts of us.

5/15/2019 12:44:24 PM #4

There better be one of those in my state 0.0 They look amazing

I don't know anymore.

5/15/2019 9:24:48 PM #5

AMAZING! Man, ya'll gonna be so sugared up!

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