Unofficial CoE Community ARK Server.

ARK: Elyria. (PvP) Season 2! (With Offline Raid Protection!)


The aim of this server would be to establish a CoE based community of ARK players that would “emulate” the landscape of CoE in the world of ARK. Tribes would take the place of “Domains” and stake out claims for land and then form alliances and enemies based on whatever political ideologies, turf wars, or resource claims they have. 10 man tribe limit is in place to ensure no one domain becomes to big and to encourage alliances.

We want PvP, Politics, and Diplomacy. We want to watch Tribes rise and fall, alliances form and break. Just like in CoE! We want Tribes to build their “Settlements” and maintain their territory and allies! Will your tribe be an economic power house, by becoming the server's trusted middleman for trades? Or perhaps a shrewd seller of prized stock animals and eggs? Maybe you just want to conquer the map! Maybe you just want to build the largest tower ever. We welcome all forms of PvP, RP, Diplomacy, and conflict, just like we want out of CoE!

While solo players are welcome, the server is meant to be played in your Settlement/County/Duchy/Kingdom group! If you do not have one, you can certainly join one or form a new group! The server will be public as well.

The Story.

The sun rises over the eastern sea. You find yourself stranded on a beach, naked and alone. Strange creatures of past eras lumber by you as the waves roll against the sandy shore. You feel an itch on your left wrist, scratching at it, you look down to see a strange metal implant sticking out. What is it? What is this place? How did you get here? Questions that have no answer. What will you do now? Starve, cold and afraid on the beach? Look for other survivors and try and make a new life? Search for answers to the multitude of questions you have? How will your story unfold? Lets find out!


I love holding events, so there will be planned events to add spice and life to the server so its not just about raiding! Phiomia Races, Dino Arena Fighting, Pirate Ship Battles, and all kinds of cool things will be held during the Season! I also highly encourage others to host and hold events as well! Remember, this is a CoE Community server, so lets not leave out the COMMUNITY part!

Server Information:

ARK: Elyria PvP Discord.

ARK: Elyria Server Website

Map: Valguero (Cluster might come if the server grows enough for it.)

ARK can sometimes feel a bit like a job on hard core settings, so the Rates and Mods are here to help more casual groups enjoy the game.

Rates: These rates are designed for casual play.

  1. 2x Harvest
  2. 30x Tame/Breed/Mature
  3. 10 player Tribe Limit (may increase if we grow big enough)
  4. 150 Wild Dino Level Cap
  5. 60 Player Server Cap (More if needed).
  6. 105 Player Level Cap (All Engrams can be unlocked to help smaller tribes and solos)
  7. ORP Enabled during the Weekdays, disabled during the Weekends (Fri-Sun).
  8. Fri-Sun Boosted Exp and Gather rates.

Mods: These are more for QoL and to shape the server more towards CoE than vanilla ARK.

  1. Automated ARK (To Automate a lot of the tedium).
  2. HG Stacks.
  3. Utilities Plus.
  4. Cute Hair
  5. Valguero Map Extension (For the full Valguero Experience).
  6. Suicide Implant (To prevent long term jailing, or people getting stuck in the map).
  7. S+ (With some things Disabled).
  8. Simple Spawners
  9. Wyvern Nests Plus
  10. Unlock Hair styles and Emotes
  11. SelVision


  1. Missing Valguero creatures from the original Mod Map.
  2. Reaper Queens >:)
  3. Appropriate Saddles for Extinction Dinos.


  1. Tek Tier items from base game, DLC, and mods (There are some Engrams left, but there's no way to get a Replicator).
  2. Gachas (To prevent element gathering)
  3. S+ Nanny
  4. S+ Rocket and Tranq Turrets
  5. S+ Autocrafter
  6. AA Wireless generator


  1. Be respectful of your fellow Elyrians.
  2. No toxic chat (Basically follow the Discord Welcome Room chat rules)!
  3. Please do not block resource spawns (Wyvern nests, pearl caves, major metal spawns ect).
  4. No PvP at server Events (unless the event calls for it).
  5. Have fun!


These are not rules, but things to keep in mind, and tips to help you survive the Tribal Landscape.

  1. PvP =/= Trolling. This is a PvP Server, and people are allowed to kill you without any reason other than they see you. If that happens, rally your troops! Invade their domain! Get revenge! Or cut your losses and move on peacefully.

  2. Offline Raiding is not against the rules. There are many reasons for this, one being to clear abandoned structures from players who quit, and two being to clear new territory from conquered tribes. Those are NOT the only reasons though, and Offline Raiding is permitted. If you get Offline Raided, rally your allies, rebuild your domain, and take revenge!

  3. Diplomacy and Politics are key strategies in preventing your tribe from being targeted. Are you a small tribe, or solo player? Ally up with a bigger tribe, and utilize Ally chat. Engage in trades, make friends. The more allies you have, the more firepower you can bring to a fight. Plus, Allies are fun to PvE with, can help you rebuild after a loss, and are great to hang out with in general!

  4. If you are a small tribe or solo player, don't build in a spot that is easily seen from the air. Try to find a secluded area and make minimal impact on the surrounding foliage to help conceal your presence. This goes for larger tribes that want to avoid conflict as much as possible as well. Having a large gaudy base out in the open is a sure fire way to become someone's raid target.

  5. Have a good attitude. Don't get sour if you lose. Don't get toxic if you win. Be a good sport, shake hands after a raid, and move on to the rebuilding phase. You will have much more fun if you just enjoy the scenarios as they unfold. We're playing a game, and the main goal of said game is to have fun, not win or be the best. If you can't have fun, then what is the point? Enjoy playing ARK with your fellow Elyrians, and try to make more friends than enemies.


Season 1 did not have many events due to some technical issues that hurt the population. Season 2 will hopefully be different! Expect Pirate Ship Battles, Dino Arena Fights (Valguero has an awesome broken down "Arena" area), dino races, and much more!

Admin Role.

A few CoE Mods have volunteered to help run the server.

  1. Admin Command Logging will be enabled.
  2. Admin services will be extremely limited. (Restarting a crash, or banning someone for toxic chat, enabling spawns.)
  3. No items or dinos will be replaced for ANY reason.
  4. Admin will not Unstick dinos or players.
  5. Admin will not be involved with inter/intra tribe issues. Those disputes should be settled through diplomacy or PvP.

5/14/2019 11:02:14 PM #1

Looking forward to this Seli. Sounds like a good time.

Alt text - can be left blank

5/14/2019 11:08:26 PM #2


I'm in.

Edit: dammit Esoba.

World Class Indoorsman

5/14/2019 11:19:29 PM #3

Sounds like fun, I'm in :-)

5/14/2019 11:22:11 PM #4

Sounds like fun, Captain.

Perhaps I will be downloading ARK again. -.-

5/15/2019 12:37:55 AM #5

Thanks for the support guys! I'm looking forward to this!

5/15/2019 1:03:54 AM #6


5/15/2019 1:08:11 PM #7

We will be putting out a Discord Server Link soon as we get it all set up :). Please stand by!

5/15/2019 2:15:13 PM #8

I’ll play!

Count Kelric Einarsson - County of Einarsvold

5/15/2019 7:43:39 PM #9

We have a test server up and running. We're trying to balance it nicely and disable the Tek and Griffons. Feel free to come help!

ARK: Elyria PvP Discord.

ARK: Elyria Server Website

5/15/2019 8:03:50 PM #10

I've been also getting an itch, for the ark days! im quite excited to be back with a few of my Bastards of Cap'n May

5/15/2019 8:13:21 PM #11

OK, what DLC will be required?

Countess of Tarnham

County Tarnham, Rhynelands Duchy, Vornair. Luna Server (NA-E)

5/15/2019 8:30:34 PM #12

No paid DLC is required. All you need is Ragnarok Map (Free DLC). If we get a Cluster you'd need the proper DLC to travel to the maps, but we don't have a cluster (yet).

So you should be good with Vanilla ARK, the Mods, and the Map!

5/15/2019 9:03:42 PM #13

What an awesome idea, Captain Seli! If I ever decide to try ARK again, I'm coming to join up in this server!

Sha'harizi County - Capital City of Ah'wena - Countess Aria - Kitlandria!

5/15/2019 9:29:03 PM #14

Really cool! thank you for doing this! :D

5/16/2019 4:59:53 PM #15

After a couple of days of testing and balancing we're going to be launching tomorrow (Friday May 17th) around 3PM Eastern.

There's not expected to be a huge land rush, and the map is plenty big for everyone, so do not feel obligated to rush into it!

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the testing, and a big thank you to Ikkerens for making an awesome Discord-in-Game Chat bridge! This allows you to talk to people in game from Discord and vice-versa!

Season 1 of ARK: Elyria is upon us! :D I will be updating the OP with the new details.

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