Hulsterian Tournaments

Countess Stelaphina cordially invites all interested Elyrians to join the citizens of Hulsteria for the weekly tournaments. The event will take place each Friday beginning at 8 PM Eastern in the County discord. Various events will be held. The first week we will have an archery tournament (based on d20 rolls).

If you are interested in joining 5/17/19, please come visit the discord and let us know. The events will be held in the Arena of the Tairm.

If you have any questions, please ask Stela in the discord.

Discord of Hulsteria

NOTE: This is an adult themed event so adult language may take place.

Duchy of Ulvemåne

5/16/2019 11:43:02 PM #1

Come one, come all!

Boys, girls, orcs... everyone welcome.

5/17/2019 12:59:15 AM #2

This sounds like fun.

Drake County

5/17/2019 3:18:57 AM #3

Guess I'll join, why not?

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