Thanks for all the fish!!

Dearest Elyrians,

Today we recevied a gift from the community and we had a feeling there was something fishy going on!

A gift fit for any Mydarri, Rex Steelfist (also known as Rex Blackmoon) from the Angelica (NA-W) server sent over not one, but two boxes of this aquatic delight for the studio to enjoy.

16 ounces of boneless, wild caught, Alaskan smoked salmon filet goodness, flavored with pepper garlic, yummmm!!!

We're confident the team will thoroughly enjoy these!

Thanks again Rex for this very considerate gift!

EDIT: I was mistaken due to the shrink wrap, there were SIX boxes of smoked salmon, not two as I originally stated. Woohoo!

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5/20/2019 8:14:24 PM #2

Not that we're going anywhere, but: So long, and thanks for the fish!

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5/20/2019 8:14:45 PM #3

That sounds absolutely amazing.

5/20/2019 8:23:29 PM #4

Thank you very much!

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Nice present

5/21/2019 4:22:07 AM #7

The entirety of sbs proceeds to jump up and fly off into space away from the impending doom

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5/21/2019 4:37:04 AM #8

SBS is on seafood diet. They see food and they eats it.

Also, I'm jealous.

5/21/2019 8:19:19 AM #9

I hope y'all like it :)

I was trying to go for something us Alaskan are known for.

5/21/2019 8:30:08 AM #10

Drooling . . .not jealous at all! Lovely gesture Rex!

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5/22/2019 1:14:01 AM #11

Posted By Rex_SteelFist at 12:19 AM - Tue May 21 2019

I hope y'all like it :)

I was trying to go for something us Alaskan are known for.

It's a wonderful gesture. :thumbsup:

5/22/2019 8:29:28 PM #12

It looks delicious!

5/22/2019 9:10:37 PM #13

Seems a very unusual gift. lol

5/23/2019 12:40:49 AM #14

The Akashic Records

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