Commissioned Art

Coalition of Orisha

Needed a crest that reflects the 6 founding counts all with a unique playstyle and the Shrub Steppe biome.

  • Bristlecone Pine - Biome
  • Anvil - Blacksmithing County
  • Ram - PvP County
  • Plough - Agriculture County
  • Bison - Animal Breeding County
  • Olive Laurel - Diplomacy County
  • Crown - Ruling County

Needs updating on the Tree to Ironwood after the kingdom change.

Druids of Faedin

For my first guild needed something to showcase the foundational pillars of study.

  • Herbalism
  • Forestry
  • Wound Care
  • Music

Based on the old skill flower scheduled for a rework.

Illustrator: Bob Greyvenstein

6/3/2019 9:41:11 PM #1

Kingdom of Tryggr

Alt text - can be left blank

Thanks for the recommendation @Turgon, I too used Bob for my crest and I am very happy and pleased with his work.

6/4/2019 5:40:53 AM #2

fantastic! Some dedication to animals in the forrest. Just a big step to balance out kypiq and brudvir interests. Herbalism, forestry, wound care and poetry for music will be of importance at Hollytree, a fraction of Shamrock at the most northern fringe of the kypiq forest. I need just some settlers that will construct a little hemlet door to door with me at the border to demonstrate that Brudvir and Kypiq can live in peace.

House Pyrros

6/20/2019 12:53:27 PM #3

County of Kernotha

Kernothia Used Bob as well, and he did really amazing work!


10/1/2019 5:27:50 AM #4

Absolutely gorgeous work!


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