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So, I'll preface this with saying that I'm new so if I'm completely off with my assumption please someone bring me up to date. That being said, with the resulting map following kingdom selection it seems that the biomes that some duchies and counties are going to be located in are at odds with their lore and proposed culture. Is anyone running into any issues with this and if so what are your plans? Charge on or are you going to adapt and find some middle ground?

My example for this would be several of the Blackheart counties which seemed to have a heavy norse inspiration but would be located in a shrubland/steppe area. Kind of paradoxical no?

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Indeed. They'll either have to adapt or move. It depends on how committed they are to what they originally conceived. This choice has been expected though, probably since SBS introduced the tribal restrictions.

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May be a bit late to reply; But with so much up in the air involving regions, cultures, etc. Most Nations are "Building" (On paper) what they'd like to see. It'll largely rely on how the development cycle plays out to determine how the world works out when release hits.

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This is precisely the reason why I have not recruited for my county. Until I know specifically what kind of land I have, it feels wrong to make any promises that I can't keep. I know what I want to have but until I am locked in, I can't be certain. There are some people who have told me that I am stupid for waiting as all of the good mayors have been recruited already. I rather not get expectations up. Honesty is important to me.

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This did lead to a lot of issues when tribes were first introduced, yeah. I know that my Kingdom at the time already had their lore fairly fleshed out, and we had to put it all on hold pending DSS to see how it would need to be rewritten. Ditto my own County lore, but that's a bit easier to rewrite.

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I assume since you're speaking of Counties having a Norse vibe in Blackheart one of those groups, mine "The HammerBull Dominion" is one of said groups you had in mind.

A couple things to note about our group.

  1. Roleplay holds little value in our group, we of course encourage it and for the sake of writing up a recruiting piece added our "flavor". As far as our forum roleplay goes, we're simply waiting on D&S to completely rebuild the article. The article that you see doesn't include half of our new Mayors, nor our updated ambitions as switching up said post would be pointless until we had more info regarding D&S.

  2. Nordic Vibes in the South, as said before we don't value roleplay as more than a fun time not gaining us any ground in the game, but we've internally retconned, basically we were living in another Continent of Mann, where we'd lived as a tribe for generations enjoying fighting and building, but through generations of war, plunging temperatures, and unwordly entities encroaching on our territory we decided to set sail. We landed in the blossoming Duchy of Drakeolm of which we initially struck sword to shield carving out territory from a bloated Count, and eventually gaining favor with the loyal locals of Blackheart we opted to join the Duchy of Drakeolm. Our current culture is a mix of Viking/Norman and with the introduction of Count Faclondor into our Domain we've started learning of his families technological prowess, adopting some Roman bits to our culture.

  3. Overall, The HammerBull Dominion is not here to roleplay and our lore is more fluff than anything. As we have a heavy Militant/Industrial focus about our Counties.

I'm a strong believer in the early bird gets the worm mentality, look around the Community, you see these Counties with 1 town, and 3 players, now imagine going into a game like Elyria thinking your wallet will protect that. I'm of the belief that you should not only be recruiting now but weeding out problematic people, developing your discord infrastructure, and developing strong bonds.

If you'd like to check us out feel free to hop into our Discord and shoot the shit.

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