~The Settlements of Thedris~

Windamere Keep, led by Ser Aeson Holf (Negnar Holf#4127)

Focus: Military Epicenter of Fioralba

Graymoor Fort, led by Baron Kriimal (Kriimal#7480)

Focus: Defense and combat readiness

Stillgarde, led by Baron Crom Seascar (Blue Goose#3521)

Focus: Training, administration, and deployment of guards within the region

(UNNAMED), led by Baron Coldsinger (Coldsinger#9091)

Focus: Defense, the training and deployment of heavy cavalry

Fort Brim, led by Steward Ray Medieval (Ser Medieval#0001)

Focus: Mining and Blacksmithing

Dunmore, led by Mayor Títüs Wíñgætë (Títüs Wíñgætë#0298)

Focus: General purpose, logistics, carpentry, ect

Cosima, led by Mayoress Paracosma (Paracosma#4532)

Focus: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

(UNNAMED), led by Mayor Vulpes Vulpes (Vulpes Vulpes#9433)

Focus: Trade, export of surplus military supplies and raw resources, import of more exotic goods and needs

(UNNAMED), led by Mayor Jahosefat (Jahosefat#7763)

Focus: Morale, building a town for soldiers to relax, retire, and/or enjoy themselves in