Settlement selection

Hello everyone,

I just came back to the game after a few month of being absent.Can anyone tell me if settlement selection has started or is it over yet, and how do I chose my settlement. I cannot find any information regarding this topic. Thank you kindly

5/25/2019 8:07:07 PM #1

Hi Ozzy,

It started but it has been delayed until SBS can get the maps fully generated. Monarchs have selected their Kingdoms though.

K1/K2: Vornair
K3: Alesia
K4: Bordweall
K5: Fortuna
K6: Kairos

Duchy selection is up next, but we're in a holding pattern until we get a date for when it will resume. Stay tuned!

5/25/2019 8:08:55 PM #2

Thank you so much for this information, I really appreciate that.

5/25/2019 8:24:04 PM #3

Oh, my bad. I don't know why I thought Angelica when you're clearly on LUNA! Edited the selections to reflect that.

5/26/2019 12:45:10 AM #4

In a few years, the map will be ready! Don't worry!


5/27/2019 5:44:04 PM #5

Thank you:)

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