More May Gifts!

Good day Elyria,

Some presents arrived today, and as usual, I wanted to share:

When the first packages arrived I forgot to mention it, but when today's shipment showed up I recalled that Mayor Jorbor Rubyshield, of County Aventreso under the Duchy of Solas Seidrellia in the Kingdom of Bordweall signed up the studio for 2 tasty bags of coffee a month for a YEAR!

Thank you Strumtrooper (on Discord)! (Grr to images that auto-rotate)

And that's not all, as Rex Steelfist (also known as (NA-W) Rex Blackmoon) sent us another splendid and lovely gift of these Alaskan herbal teas:

Thank you Rex for your ongoing generosity!

Lastly, and certainly not least, I wanted to convey a request from Souzou himself to those who may be inclined to send us "drink gifts" in the future: "Please send us more tea! Many of us here at the studio love tea and we'd love to try more varieties from where you are from!"

With that said, we're constantly humbled, amazed, and very thankful for the generosity the community shows the studio on a regular basis.

So from the bottom of our hearts (and bellies), thank you all!!

Until next time...

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5/28/2019 8:45:07 PM #1

I like tea.😋

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5/28/2019 9:04:47 PM #2

Awesome thanks!!

5/29/2019 6:05:43 AM #3

I think that you guys discovered a way to implement a functional GDD (gift driven development) at SBS ;-)

It's dead, Jim.

5/29/2019 7:44:32 AM #4

Quick question, do you guys have anything to brew loose leaf tea in the office?

I don't want to send y'all something you can't easily use :)

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