Coastal Trade City of Zelkovia - Kingdom 5 Bordweall

(NA-E) County of Treodan , Duchy of Drayrien , Kingdom of Bordweall.

Focus on Trade. Resource Allocation. Learning.

Governor - Lion von Linden (The Lion in the Limes)


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Brunel Shipwrights

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Producers Guild

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6/1/2019 11:26:01 PM #1
Letter from the Governor's Office

Howdy and welcome to the prolific township of Zelkovia. First off please allow me to thank you for taking time to visit our little section of the CoE community. Following Domain and Settlement Selection our town will be positioned along the eastern coastline in one of the larger trade dominions within the Kingdom of Bordweall.

We have a motto for both rallying our citizens and for sharing an underlying commonality. “ Learn , Survive , Thrive “. This is an adaptation of a military SERE definition for a more affable clientele where we understand that learning is vital to everything we do, Survival is necessary to move that knowledge forward which leads us to strive for a better life, thus along the path to Thriving.

Aside from placement focused on trade / availability of natural resources, and daresay a proud mayor with a background in computer science and combat veteran; some further avenues of interest would be our public works. Events such as Farmers Markets, Reference Archives, and Chapel.

I look forward to meeting you all and hope to talk with you again in the near future.


6/2/2019 1:14:23 AM #2

Reserved for Events:

5/12 - Domain and Settlement Selection - TBD

In Game Events
  • Tanzlinde - A communal dance with Beer and BBQ.
  • Festival of Renewal - An event hosted during the month of March to celebrate a period of Renewal
  • Octoberfest - A party with hopes of bringing Beer to the needy.