Elyrian Pack

Just wondering if purchasing this package would include the access to the exposition?

6/9/2019 8:54:13 PM #1

Unfortunately no. Only the bloodline pledge package or higher will grant access to Exposition when we get to that phase.

The Elyrian pack will still allow you to jump into a family at launch, but you won't have the expo period to customize and world build.

6/10/2019 1:41:03 AM #2

You can separately purchase access to Alpha 2, Beta 1 and Beta 2 but not exposition. As Labbe said already, that would require bloodline or higher. All things being equal though, if you're not interested in helping in the establishment of the world as it will be on launch day and would just like to access the game then Elyrian or something similar on that tier would serve you just as well.

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