New backer guy

I backed in 2016 and I finally remembered that I pledged for this. Now I am here, what's up?

6/18/2019 11:29:22 PM #1

Check out the D&SS / Mapping demo threads, pretty much the most happening news and events right now.

You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry. JAMES 1:19 NLT

6/19/2019 12:02:16 AM #2

We're all in a holding pattern while development continues on the D&SS - the part where Land holders select their physical areas on the map. After that point things should begin to pick up as kingdoms will have an official roster of sorts; and the great tidal wave of community building and outreach begins

8/15/2019 7:32:36 PM #3

What was your backer level?

8/25/2019 3:02:08 AM #4

We finally got some map data so just a lot of discussion while we wait to finally pick, We should be close-ish to something playable soon a year and a half maybe at max-ish barring any missteps. There is a lot of talking on the discord again if you have access and you want to meet some people. A good thing to do would be to visit at least one area in each kingdom on the server you're interested in to feel out the atmosphere and find those you enjoy being around.

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