Just sayign hi, dont have many questions yet

Just sayign hi, and have been following and plunged into the deep end, Taking my time to develop a understanding of the tribes, and the like =)

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Gday! Always good to see new peeps. Although your profile picture could use some work. ;)

Oh how I envy you, and your fresh perspective with tribes! I was around when they started the creation of the tribes and it was a thoroughly exciting time for the whole community. And in a big way, a lot of that excitement is still living on even today. The tribes are great.

Hellmoon made a Tribe Compendium which has all the info on tribes you'd need:

Don't forget to leave a 'like' for Hellmoon if you check it out. :P

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yep I need to hit the like but that's where i started with the tribes. Wanting to get the most out of it by learning the tribes so I can make a informed decision. and Yes I agree but gunna take my time to find a wonderful Avi for the forums

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Welcome to the community.

Here are some vital links that can help guide you through CoE.

Is the discord where all the latest new's an information breaks through with discussions happening every day.

Is the google document containing the Kingdoms/Duchies/Dukes information across the server when you go to decide if you want to swear allegiance to anyone.

Even though I am personally involved with the kingdom of Fortuna the feeling of being free to go across the continent ,and enjoying life is always a good thing I recommend people. Try not to get tied down to one group to quickly. Enjoy exploring first.

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Thank you Server I'll keep that all in mind

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Welcome to the community!

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Thank you and yenyang. I'm excited to get involved with y'all

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Welcome to CoE, I see you've jumped in at Proprietor level, with that exposition access you might be able to snag yourself a settlement to run after D&SS (Domain & Settlement Selection) finishes; although it has yet to start, that's a sore topic for some.

The dev journals, wiki, discord and this very forum will keep you busy for quite some time!

[EU] The Town of Farwatch Selene (Hrothi) - Demalion/Dae Erath/Ash County - Masonry, Scouting/Cartography Animal Husbandry, Agriculture Smithing, Tailoring. Light RP, Casual & PvP Welcome.

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Awesome good to know, I'm interested to see what all can be gained with expo points, besides possible settlements. But good to know about that

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Ah, you won’t be able to buy a settlement with Exposition points, although it is possible to attempt to build one in that 3-month period if you buy some land.

What I was referring to was the reverse auction that will happen after D&SS. But that would entail forking out cold hard cash. I bought the level above you a couple of years back; Mayor but that and all the royalty tiers above are no longer in the store.

If you wait till the last moment you could snag a bargain, it being a reverse auction and all, but the town/village you had your eye on could get bought if you leave it too long.

Personally I’m hoping to bag the county where I pick my town, but my budget is very low.

This might give you an idea of what EP can buy, but the EP store has not launched yet...soon©️.

[EU] The Town of Farwatch Selene (Hrothi) - Demalion/Dae Erath/Ash County - Masonry, Scouting/Cartography Animal Husbandry, Agriculture Smithing, Tailoring. Light RP, Casual & PvP Welcome.

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Welcome to CoE mate

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Thank you, I'm stoked for the game

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