New Player - Need Help

I did try to find a similarly asked question, because I'm sure its been asked... Where do I download the beta 1? I pledge the bloodline, submitted a reservation for a surname. What am I supposed to do next in terms of playing the beta? Thanks!

6/29/2019 7:56:01 PM #1

We are currently in Pre-Alpha, no one has access to the game besides devs, their friends or family. Alpha 1 is set to release sometime after DSS. once alpha 1 starts expect 6-9months till alpha 2, then another 6-9 for Beta 1. I know its super far away but all of us here are super ready for it all to begin :)

6/29/2019 7:59:35 PM #2

Hahaha you beat me to it. I kept searching for an answer, and I did, tried to hurry back to delete my question. I just didnt know what alpha and beta actually meant. Thanks for the reply though. :)

6/29/2019 10:46:05 PM #3

No worries, just sit back at watch this game being developed, view the communities and tribes and plan what you want to do in game. o7

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