[Event] (Free Raffle Pray to RNG Pt.1!)

Brought to you by the Free Mann Tavern (NA-E)

Weekly Event (7/1/2019)-(7/8-/2019)

(Free Raffle Pray to RNG Pt.1!)

The contest is Luck-Based!

May Fortune be with you!

They say life has it's hardships. Ever lose a lottery ticket? Or did a vending machine rip you off? Sometimes things in life doesn't go your way ,and you can only blame the gods. However with this event things could be different! For once in your life you could be a winner ,and being a winner has it's perks!

Like 10$ Gift Card Perks!

The event is very simple. All you have to do is type something below in this forum ,and you will be put in for the raffle! You will have a number assigned based on when you post so if your the first post you have the raffle # 1 second post is #2 etc etc.

We will be using as our RNG Generator ,and the numbers will start at 1- to the last post dated.

To keep things absolutely fair the RNG drawing will be screen recorded ,and posted on the Tavern discord. To prove that the RNG wasn't done multiple times a forum post will be submitted ,and recorded at the time of the drawing on this thread to show that the video wasn't edited.

Accepted Submissions will end (23:59 EST) July, 8th, 2019.

To Enter

🍺Simply reply to this post ,and channel whatever good luck energy you have to win!

🍺All Kingdoms/ Servers can participate


Two drawings for a 10$ Gift Card each.

(If by some small chance you win twice you get both..Lucky you!)

Participation Prize: Goodies from the Lost Vault!

(Prizes ,and winners will be announced within three days after the event. Winners will be announced on the forums ,and notified through forum mail.)


⦁ One Entry per (Player/Account)

Failing to comply with these rules will make you DISQUALIFIED.

Click here for more information about the Tavern

Good luck All!

7/9/2019 1:03:05 AM #91

wow thanks for doing this

7/9/2019 4:29:42 AM #92

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Event Drawing Announcement

With this announcement event entries will be closed ,and winners will be announced soon!

There were 87 unique entries this week!

Since the Raffle has been showing great amount of attendance another Raffle event will be announced 7/10/2019 with even more chances to win this week if you were unable to take part or find your luck this week you will surely have your chance soon!


The #'s will be rolled based on the # your forum post is set.

1-91 will be generated.

Draws will be done by (A random # generator)

There will be two rolls with One/Two winners that will recieve a 10$ CoE Gift card on each roll. The video will be posted to the tavern discord after the event is drawn.


Special notes in the event # (40,41,62,64,71,72,84) Are drawn.

After looking through the lists there were some discrepancies on peoples entries.

40)Ser Long ----He double posted so he will keep his 40 if it rolls 41 the number generator is re-rolled.

62)CoE Falke 2 / #64) coefalke3 (Should be the same person) CoE Falke 2 will recieve rewards if #62 is rolled If 64 is rolled the Generator will re-roll for an eligible winner.

71) Oquantumfoam ----He double posted so he will keep his 71) if it rolls #72) the number generator is re-rolled.

84) If Number 84 is Drawn it will be re-rolled. It is the reminder message the tavern put for the last day.

For Future Raffles/Events In the case of Ser Long ,and Oquantmfoam it's alright if you mistakingly double post just write something on one that would discount it.
In the case of CoE Falke2/CoeFalke3 Do not use multiple accounts per event. It breaks the event rules of one (account/person) per entry. Dont disqualify yourself from future draws!

~~~Good Luck Everyone~~~

(This post will be recorded being made to show proof there was no editing while selecting winners through random .org.)

The video will be posted on the tavern discord under the Tavern Video text chat as soon as it's uploaded.

7/9/2019 5:02:36 AM #93

Event Closing announcement

Announcing the Winners

It may seem seemingly miraculous ,and sometimes people may tell you it's to late to join in ,but dont be fooled ladies ,and gentelman! The First draw of the night was DEAD last! #91!

Our winner! (Fredbob99705) He may have two last names! This may be true ,but perhaps he just has twice the luck as well?!

It's a bit of an odd number ,but luck sure graced it tonight! #74 made it's way to the winner circle tonight. Our second winner was none other then!

(Faustes)! Lady luck must love you! Not only did you come out looking only to get an event idea! You came out taking away one of the prizes as well!

Congratulations to both of you!

(Prizes will be sent out at the time of this post to all participants/winners)

As for everyone else who participated worry not! You may not have won the grand prize tonight ,but you will still walk away with some sweet lost vault goodies!

There will also be another raffle which will begin on 7/10/2019 (More details to follow) that will last for a week that will hold even MORE prizes ,and chances to win! Stay tuned ,and keep your glasses full!

-FreeMann Tavern

7/9/2019 6:44:47 AM #94

Grats, winners!

Count Lofi of Skaaney, friend code 8766AA

7/10/2019 1:21:54 AM #95

Thanks for the gift :D

7/10/2019 11:36:21 AM #96

Thanks for the gift

BF3AB9 ?

7/10/2019 12:26:22 PM #97

Thanks indeed for the coaly - I mean, Holy - Gift!

Physician, Alchemist & Herbalist to the Duchy of Anor, Al-Khezam - Selene (EU) Server

7/12/2019 2:50:30 AM #98

Sign me up please

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