NA-E The Grey Order (Evil Organization)

The Grey Order

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We are faithless. The gods have abandoned us to this world without guidance. Why then should we worship at their altars? We are those who would dare to transcend the gods. When the gods are silent, we speak. When the gods ignore, we act. We worship only those among us who prove themselves worthy of worship. That which we consider holy is the perfection of ourselves and mankind. Our goal is to end the sadistic worship of false gods and protect mankind through any means necessary and to transcend death allowing us to choose a God King worthy of our worship. Our goals transcend kingdoms and the laws of men. Thus our means always justify our ends.

The world is not black and white, its grey. - Founder Șylvíũš Hïgh Græÿ

lawful Evil, or Lawful Neutral.


The Grey Order performs a variety of services to the public as well as private services to the local government in the hopes of bettering the society around us.

Blessings - Our Priests will bless buildings, weapons, armor, people or anything as long as the receiver rejects the gods in prayer before hand.

Healing - Our priests will lend aid to those in need.

Inquisitions - Should the false gods send agents to impede humanity our Templar will dispatch to remove the threat.

Crusades - Our Templar and Priests will seek out relics and magical items to be stored in the reliquary. These items will be made available to the government and on rare occasions trusted members of the public so long as it is used for the betterment of the society.

Banking - Our vaults will be made available to certain members of the public.

Research - Our Priests will research technology for the betterment of society.

Contracts, Publishing, and Library - The church will be generating materials on our faith as well as training manuals for our newest members. We will be maintaining a Library which will be partially open to the public.

Organization Hierarchy

The church is organized into three groups Priests, Grey Knights and Faithfuls. Each operate in different capacities working toward a shared goal.

Order of the Priesthood

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The highest rank achievable to priests. Cardinals are responsible for the entire priesthood. They are responsible for the operation of the church as well as the introduction and maintenance of church doctrine. Any change or introduction in doctrine must be voted upon by all cardinals with a majority vote for the motion to pass. Cardinals have full authority in their given district except in matters concerning the following of church doctrine. They often act as intermediaries to Kings, dukes, and nobles. Cardinals should only attend missions in a time of war or catastrophe. Cardinals may appoint missions to the Grand Master of the Order of Grey Knights but have no say over the execution.


Archbishops are given authority over at least two chapels, or one temple. Their authority cannot stretch beyond one temple or five chapels. Their responsibility is two fold, to enforce directions given to them by cardinals, and to speak for the needs of their district to higher authorities. Archbishops have the authority to declare Bishops. Archbishops may attend missions considered to dangerous for priests and do not require permission from their Cardinal although they are required to inform the Cardinal in a timely matter.


Bishops are given authority over a single chapel or a section of work inside temples. Bishops are to be pillars of the community in which they are ingrained. Often times Bishops focus on areas of expertise such as alchemy or scholarly work. Bishops have the authority to baptize new members as well as excommunication of members who fail to follow our basic tenets. Bishops may appoint Priests at their discretion. Bishops may attend missions considered to dangerous for priests and must be approved by their Archbishop.


Priests act at the ground level. They often focus on scholarly studies. They may attend missions with the permission of their Bishop. Priests often spend time away from chapels working with the local community. Priest have the authority to appoint Deacons. Priests can only appoint up to three Deacons who are to be mentored and trained by the appointing Priest.


Deacons are the lowest level of priesthood. They are to work under Priests and learn specific skills before specializing in a specific area of expertise.

The Order of the Grey Knights

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Grand Master

The Grand Master is in control of the entire military force. A Grand Master is paired with every Cardinal. It is their responsibility to train and maintain the Grey Order and to overlook the safety of churches and temples in their district. Grand Masters work to safeguard Church property as well as working with local Kings, Dukes, or other local officials to maintain the safety of humanity. Grand Masters may appoint Commanders.

Master and Commander

Masters are attached to Archbishops and are in charge of protecting any temple or chapel in the Archbishops district. Commanders are appointed to areas of interest. Masters and Commanders can appoint Marshals.


Marshals can be appointed to a Bishop or areas of interest appointed to them by Commanders. Marshals are fierce fighters who are seasoned from battle and operate with at least four platoons. Marshals can appoint Knights.


Knights are the ground force of the church. Knights can be dispatched in any situation by their Marshal. Knights may appoint up to three Squires.


Squires are ground level fighters. They are mentored by their assigned Knight and work together as a squad.


Unlike those in the Priesthood, Knights may choose to enter the priesthood at the equivalent rank should they wish to retire from service as long as there is a position available. In the even there is no position available at their current rank they can serve in a lower capacity and should a position open in the future they will be promoted without contest.

The Faithful

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The faithful are those who wish to worship humanity but have no interest in joining the order. Those who are baptized will receive a password specific to that individual. Should the faithful require assistance they may request a favor from the church. Should the church accept your request the church will give you a contact as well as their password. This will notify the contact that the favor is being asked by the church and not the individual. Once the password is used, the church will reach out to assign a new password to the contact. This system will connect Faithful to a vast network of individuals stretching across kingdoms.

We are your farmers. We are your brothers and sisters. We are the many and through the shadows we act without mercy.

Join our discord and help us shape our organization!

Hïgh Græÿ: Service not Glory

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Wow nice, you made a lot of work of it. I like it.

Count LizenÇace VeLeîjres of Mydra's Crossing, VII of the order of the IX.

Order of IX

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Ready to get my cult on lets do this!

Count of Dragonsfall

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