Assassins guild- Virtous Sicariorum

To get the name out there and possibly find some recruits. Virtous Sicariorum(Called Virs for short) Will be an assassins guild specializing in assassination, sabotage, spying and bounty hunting(to rake in some coin for the guild--player keeps 90%). No target too big or small. From the king to a pleb who won't leave your sister alone.

Code of conduct- The BIG 3. (very simple): 1. Don't interfere with other AG contracts, best to have an understanding to avoid all out secret war. 2. Don't kill anyone who posses no threat (we aren't mass murderers).(sub clause A-1. Exception Weapon drawn towards you, i.e viable threat) If you are found doing this with proof, the other members will hunt you down, assassinate you and you will be expelled, for at least 3 generations.(which means your great grandchild CAN join). 3. TREASON against the guild; everyone has a voice, we're all human IRL. Have a Complaint. Speak up. Otherwise, if you are found committing treason against us. We will assassinate every member of your line we come across for 3 generations as TREASON is the greatest insult and offense. Reward for the one who bags said traitor will be great, 1st class reward (same as assassinating a monarch---real easy big pay out)

Why you should join: Comradery, Contacts, Fast Growth, Hunting Parties for big prey you can't solo, Access to big things once we grow---like magic. Mostly shape shifting, invisibility, things like that.

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7/29/2019 1:59:33 PM #1

Thought this was serious for a second there. You had me right up until the magic part.

7/30/2019 12:17:19 AM #2

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