Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am very excited about this game. As such, I have many questions and also many thoughts to contribute if that is okay. I have been playing since 1997 and now I am what people call middle aged. But you know what? That's a state of mind.

The few thoughts I have about souls and family has to do with the thought of positive mutations. For instance, we know that most genius inventors that are born are also more likely to be less social and therefore more vulnerable to pushed out by others. Could that be prevented somehow by the family so that these people are nurtured instead. Think Sheldon big bang theory.

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Caspian has always stated that there is a risk to e everything we do in Elyria, but without the risk there will be no reward. As for as mutations I would think they might come in pairs or groups of three. Thanks If you encounter a positive mutations, then look closer as a negative aspect is just around the corner. An example would be if you are born with enhanced nightly vision which would be great however your skill lacks pigment so you can be in the sun for very long, which will force you to do your movents at night.

I really don't think there will be a lot of mutations but they are a definite possibility.

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Welcome to the community by the way! Glad you could join us! As to your other issues. Not really sure if there is much said on mutations.

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Thank you for your welcome. If there is any way I could help please let me know. I am more of rp storyteller and have helped that way...

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Genius inventors being antisocial might explain the Kypiq in trees. Congrats! You figured it out with your very first post.

Welcome to CoE. :)

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