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Can i hire NPC guards? How big of a home can i make on my land, can i expand it into a mansion if i get successful enough? Do i still pay taxes to the king directly if i live away from all towns and such. Can i have an NPC run my goods to town to sell for me? I plan on becoming a lumberjack, hunter and fisher near the coast by a forest. I prefer to avoid aristocrats so i plan on becoming a big supplier company for mentioned above, that's also why i asked if i could hire NPC guards to protect my lands and family. How many can i hire if i can? At least 100 as a personal guard when my bloodline becomes filthy rich. Best to stay out of the light and into the shadows, coin can get you many many things in an mmorpg :3 (silly king) Say if a neighboring nation was invading and my property was closest to the boarder, would i be able to hire(contract) a small army of at least 500-1000 max?

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Maybe, as much as you can afford. You pay taxes to the count. Maybe, but indirectly even more likely. Most likely. You can hire a force as big as you can afford.

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Yes, you will still pay taxes even if you live outside a settlement. Even if the land is not within a settlement the land is still within the borders of a county, duchy, and kingdom.

How big you can build will depend on available land you own and possibly how skilled an architect you can hire. However, if it's possible to connect individual blueprints into a larger structure then even that might not be the true limit.

To get an idea how big you can build on one individual parcel you might want to read this thread: "Parcels, Settlements, and Counties: A Visual Representation"

As for hiring NPC's there may be some obstacles you might have to consider. Sure, only your finances will likely limit how many you can hire, but you can't directly offer NPC's contracts of your own. You will have to advertise your positions and they will come offer their contracts to you. If your job offerings are in a very rural area far away from their homes this might not be very attractive for most and you may find it difficult to attract them unless you can offer lodgings at your own land.

If you want to stay secluded rather than end up founding a village of your own you may find it easier to make an arrangement with a mercenary association or town guard that can send out platoons on a campaign to your area when you request it rather than try to maintain a full guard unit of your own.

Also take note that 250 individuals is the size of a capital settlement in Elyria. You may have to adjust your expectations somewhat accordingly.

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Hey there, welcome :).

  1. You would most likely be able to upgrade your home, should you have the proper blueprint and materials and skill to build the home or hire someone (PC or NPC) to build it for you.
  2. Depending on how the contracts system is implemented, it may be possible to have the NPC(s) do that for you; however, do keep in mind that the risk would be that the NPCs dont just automatically fast travel to the next town over and can be ambushed
  3. As far as avoiding aristocrats and nobles, I am sure you could to a certain extent; however, do keep in mind that the plot of land is subject to the laws and taxation policies of the County. It is easier to stay under the radar the smaller you are but the more prosperous and bigger you become, you will most likely attract the attention of nearby settlements, the Count, and perhaps even the Duke. If you're in the King's lands, you will most likely attract his attention if you grow big without paying taxes. Not that I'm telling you how to play or what you should or shouldn't do but I will just provide information so that you can make a best informed decision. The level of taxation depends on which County you reside in. Some may be low, some moderate, some high. Can't speak for all counties and duchies, but many use a good portion of the taxes to fund the infrastructure and security of the settlement/county/duchy. This can be things like installing wells, public roads/highways, providing armed guards and patrols to keep travelers and citizens safe from banditry. If really worried about the severity of taxes you will be subject to, I would do some heavy research into where you plan to place your said land so that it saves you headache in the future

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I already want to upgrade my home. I don't even have one, but I want to upgrade!


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you know, If I can have a great house, good friends in a good town, really nice outfits. I will take up double daggers or something and defend it all! Wheee!


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Posted By Nanyetah at 2:04 PM - Thu Aug 08 2019

you know, If I can have a great house, good friends in a good town, really nice outfits. I will take up double daggers or something and defend it all! Wheee!

Think instead of paying for stout town walls and a becoming a member of a disciplined town militia.

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