Mayor up for settling

If we are finally getting to stake claims and may actually get this alpha test rolling, then I'm ready for talks about putting myself up for grabs for a kingdom.

I am not the best at roleplaying, but would give it a go in this game. I'm not all into the drama though, which I seen tons of it over the years with Kingdom stuff and just stayed away from it all until it was close to time things were actually going to happen.

My character's main aspiration is in the fields as a farmer, will be training in combat some, as all farmers should know how to fend off the pests and thieves. As for what else, that'll all be determined when we see how well game features are implemented.

8/3/2019 2:54:22 AM #1

Well if you are planning on a farming settlement I would say look to an area with high grasslands as those will probably be your best bet for finding a kingdom, naturally I like many others would self promote my kingdom. But alas as I am far in the north I am not what you are looking for.

As for the kingdoms that do fit your desires for being a farmer you would probably want Alesia, Borewall or Fortuna as I believe those are the kingdoms who contain the grasslands biome.

8/15/2019 3:50:31 AM #2

Hello, I agree with what much of Klaus has said, the middle of the map is probably going to better suit you for farming. I'm a count in Bordweall that could be a possible fit, while not Grasslands, I'm likely to be in some of the Toresk biomes which are brimming with Wetlands which should be fairly rich territory for agriculture. If you havent found anything yet and would like to speak further, Just send me a message.

8/26/2019 3:38:55 PM #3

If farming is what you are wanting to do, don't limit yourself to the typical ideals of farming. Every kingdom will have plenty of farmable land. The question is WHAT it is you want to be farming.

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